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Don’t be alarmed

It’s just some kids with firearms and machetes for your arm

You are now welcome to the belly of the beast

Where demons and devils meet… 222 more words


Chapter 1 (Meaning)

Words have always been a means to communicate meaning. For example a husband might say ‘I love you’ to his wife to convey a deep sense of affection he feels for her. 1,890 more words


Chapter 2 (Ideas)

What is an idea? Ideas cannot be touched, seen, or felt, but they are as real as any object perceivable by the five senses. In fact they are so real that we have an entire system dedicated to securing ideas as personal or cooperate property. 3,046 more words


Chapter 3 (Culture)

My primary school teacher described it best when she told us that culture can be defined as a people’s way of life. It is very common that culture is mistaken for tradition and it isn’t difficult to see why this happens. 1,845 more words


Chapter 4 (Religion)

Of all the topics to write about, religion stands by far the most sensitive in Nigeria because we tend to become very sentimental over this subject. 2,771 more words


Chapter 5 (Colonization)

Africa will continue to feel the effects of Western colonization until the world is united by one global culture. Expecting any different would be wishful thinking for time travel to undo the past. 1,718 more words