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The Church Girl - EV8 #OneChanceReplay


“Let’s call it off”

Ifeanyi couldn’t believe how quickly his world was crashing before his eyes. Just a few days ago, he thought he couldn’t possibly be happier… That he’d finally found the one he had been waiting for his whole life… The one who made him want to be a better man. 299 more words


Book review: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

One of Achebe’s most celebrated works, Things Fall Apart follows Okonkwo, a respected man in an Ibo village in Nigeria, and how his life changes drastically when… 529 more words


River Love by @Haykan_D

Nigerian vocalist/songwriter Haykan Dandy deliver a new banger ‘RIVER LOVE‘ for every radio set this season. He has a diverse musical style mix of hip-hop, Afro-R&B and rap. 35 more words


The shots fired by Bill Gates at Aso Rock today were timely and well said - Ben Bruce

Reacting to a speech delivered by Bil Gates at Aso Rock yesterday, Nigerian common sense senator, Ben Bruce describes it as ‘timely and well said’. 289 more words

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Food and art adventures

“I fell in love with a portrait of a man, beautifully created with a captivating smile, one of gentleness”.

Location: Cotonou & Porto Novo


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Maleek Berry – ‘Sisi Maria’

Two months ago, The Nigerian musical star Maleek Berry released his solid second EP, First Daze Of Winter. Since then, he’s dropped the video for… 188 more words


Talents Activate Chapter 11

List of ChaptersTA List of Chapters

Previously on Talents Activate…

Chiamaka, a lady who did not believe in the supernatural, has been opened into a new reality, a world of beings able to manipulate blades, wield flames, invade minds, and affect different forces. 5,861 more words