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One of those

One of those times
One of those dreams
One of those beings
I thought i’d stopped being
One of those places
I thought i’d stopped going… 119 more words



Ten years ago the modelling industry in Nigeria was still largely work-in-progress. The fashion scene, particularly runway on the other hand, was really exciting. Obviously buoyed by the esoteric collections of the likes of Dakova, Zizi Cardow, Frank Osodi, Tiffany Amber and co, names like Marylyn, Ndidi (Alexander), Linda Ikeji, Theodora Dike, Biola Boris, and a few other privileged talents became immensely popular. 207 more words


Of words spoken

When we believe
The words spoken
To us

I need you
I miss you
I love you
Are examples

The hard part sometimes
Is believing… 93 more words


New Nigerian president vows to crush 'godless' Boko Haram

“File photo of Nigeria’s President-elect Muhammadu Buhari addresses the media during former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit at the Defence House in Abuja, Nigeria, May 13, 2015. 7 more words

Chinenye 2

Daniel took the last bite of his meal, settled into the plastic chair in the restaurant and as usual his mind wandered. Yesterday made it two years since the first day he met her. 611 more words


Rock music

Most people,after a long day of work or an annoying school day usually like to settle down and listen to slow songs. Well that’s certainly not my case. 215 more words

First Post

Hi! my first post yikes. I should be asleep right now but I had an early night so here I am. Yesterday I had this mega moodswing that pushed me to start writing. 53 more words