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OkwuID: Palm Wine Challenge - How Igbo Are You? - (IGBO QUIZ)

In this video, the OKwu ID crew test out their Igbo/Nigerian knowledge with a trivia quiz. For every question a contestant gets wrong, they have to drink a shot of palm wine and tequila.



Hey guys,

I know I haven’t made a post in a while and that’s totally my fault. I just have not felt like blogging and creating content is not easy at all coupled with me being in my finals in university. 653 more words


My Christmas WishList

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. It that most wonderful time of the year! filled up with gifts, presents, family and friends especially…GIFTS!!! But, the thing that now that I’m a teenager, I can’t get the lastest toys in town so it really hard to look for what I want. 261 more words


Kwanzaa - A celebration of the African Culture

What is Kwanzaa?

According to an Article by African Holocaust, Kwanzaa is a week- long celebration held in the United states and in other nations of the West African diaspora in America. 1,055 more words

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MARUGBO SOUP(Also known as Eweta Soup)

“Obe Marugbo” as it is popularly called is a very nutritious soup delicacy amongst the peculiar riverine tribes in Ondo State, Nigeria. The Ilajes , Ikale and Ijaws have enjoyed the taste of Marugbo leaves in native soup delicacies.The Marugbo leaf (Botanical name : Clerodendrum volubile ), is commonly found in the riverine area of Ondo state called Marugbo .Marugbo Soup is usually prepared with more than one type of leaf but the Marugbo leaf is the primary leaf.  302 more words

Local Dishes

Talents Activate: Chapter 8

Inside Ife’s pocket universe, ID stands surprised, as he stares at Ife.

“Well the place is still in development but it’s a good spot for fighting. 3,046 more words


The Voice in Me(part 2)- Negativities and Reactions

It told me to move past the negativities that fear dispatches as its little soldiers to keep my life under lock and key if I allow them. 96 more words