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The epipophyses of Qijianglong and other sauropods

Introduction and Background

I have three goals with this post:

  1. To document the range of variation in epipophyses in the cervical vertebrae of sauropods.
  2. To show that the “finger-like processes” overhanging the cervical postzygapophyses in the newly described…
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Electronic publishing is inevitable and even the ICZN is beginning to accept it

After a completely barren 2008, this year is turning out to be a good one for me in terms of publications.  Today sees the publication of Taylor (2009b), entitled  1,041 more words

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What heads tell us about necks, redux

I Cannot Brain Today, I Have the Dumb

Man, I hate making mistakes. The only thing worse than making mistakes is making them in public, and the only thing worse than… 1,511 more words

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Fred Flintstone's Lawnmower Discovered

Okay, not really, but Nigersaurus looks like it would have been perfect for the job: