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Eurotrash Women 'Charity Fucking' Shitskin Invaders At Calais

Jean Raspail’s Camp Of The Saints has officially become reality in Europe:

Female Volunteers accused of having sex with migrants in Calais ‘Jungle’

A man has accused female volunteers working at the Calais Jungle of having sex with migrants, including underage boys, at the refugee camp on the French coast, the Independent reported.

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On Nigger Chimpouts & Badge Fag Culpability

Let me state up front, that nobody hates niggers as much as do. And let me also state up front, that nobody has less  731 more words

Stop-and-Frisk and Donald Trump’s Promise of a Police State for Niggers (VERY VERY GOOD!!!!)

Donald Trump continued his flagellation as black political outreach strategy at a town hall addressing “African-American issues” on Wednesday.

Fox News hate merchant Sean Hannity moderated the event which will be broadcast on the network at a later date. 975 more words

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Don King (Nigger Freemason) waves Israeli flag after dropping ‘N-word’ at pro-Trump event

Don King waves Israeli flag after dropping ‘N-word’ at pro-Trump event

Boxing promoter Don King’s speech at a campaign event for Donald Trump caused a stir, with most of the attention understandably focused on the fact that the boxing promoter used the N-word.

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Round Earth Rockwell

Another „NASA shill“:  George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, in the controversial April 1966 Playboy interview by the famous American Negro, … 336 more words


What a Flat Earther Looks Like

Equals?  B.o.B. (@bobatl) v. Dr. Wernher von Braun
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Look at the above photo, and realize that this nigger’s rhetoric seems very familiar to anybody who has been on Renegade sites lately: 615 more words


African Americans (Niggers) : The Most Worthless Race on the Planet (Kill Black People!!!)

Let’s just state something for the record before I go off on my little rant: OK, so maybe there’s a few decent blacks out there. There’s always exceptions to any rule. 2,507 more words