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Everywhere I Look . . .

I was taking my bags out of a grocery cart, at a store, when an old white woman approached me and said, “This explains why I feel superior.  225 more words

Soul-Singer- Turned-Congressmonkey Al Green's Trump Impeachment Vote Shot Down In Flames

Retarded ape Al Green has called for a total shutdown on the Presidency until retards, faggots, and brown people (but I repeat myself) can figure out exactly what the hell is going on. 465 more words


"Reverse Racism" Is Not A Myth,Just A Bad Meme

While I was plumbing the poz sewer this morning I happened up on a negrophiliac website with a culturally-appropriated name, theodysseyonline, putting out yet another one of these “Darkies tell the dumb honkeys what racism is” article where they again trot out the forced meme that “racism is prejudice+power”. 1,049 more words


The Equation Breaks Down

We have all heard the familiar trope that “racism equals prejudice plus power” a goofy way of explaining that non-White racism, the most prevalent kind, 524 more words


Color Me Shocked, For Once I Agree With Dumb Bluegum Porchmonkeys

I clicked on this op-ed from muhdikk.com expecting to be irritated by the nonsensical niggerish musings of their resident big-brained nibba,Damon Young,but I actually agree that most of these types of White people are completely useless. 1,204 more words


Virtue-Signallers BTFO

From muhdikk.com ,

Turns out,pandering to niggers is a waste of time because when you give them your watch or tennis shoes without a fight,they just assume you must have so much money that you can afford to be robbed for way more than they initially asked.Who could have known this? 489 more words


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