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Virginia men arrested in plot to attack Jews and blacks

(JTA) — Two white supremacists who were reportedly seeking to start a race war have been arrested by the FBI.

Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney III were arrested on Sunday for plotting to launch attacks against synagogues and African-American churches in Oklahoma and Virginia, ABC News… 227 more words

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Blacks Monkeying Around in Class: Is This a Good Case for Segregation?


Why should White children be forced to endure this kind of environment, where learning is impossible? Why should White teachers be forced to educate Blacks who won’t even listen to a Black teacher? 10 more words


Petition Demands Don Lemon Be Fired For Antagonizing And Defaming Black People

It is no secret that many Americans despise CNN anchor Don Lemon’s journalistic ventures. Whether it is his condescending questioning of the Black Lives Matter Movement, his asinine questioning of Black people over whether or not they are offended by racial slurs such as the N-word or a long list of blunders, many have found themselves so fed up that they have now taken to signing a change.org petition that was started after his most recent blunder in front of a national television audience. 380 more words

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The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rufus Scales, 26 and black, was driving his younger brother Devin to his hair-cutting class in this genteel, leafy city when they heard the siren’s whoop and saw the blue light in the rearview mirror of their black pickup. 5,075 more words

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Leading Democrat Candidates Choose “Black Lives Matter” Over “All Lives Matter”


Wow. Watch as leading Democrat candidates for Presidential nominee refuse to say that all lives matter. What this really translates to in our brave new world is that White lives does not matter.

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Kids In Philadelphia Can’t Graduate Without Taking African-American History

Nationwide, daily news makes it apparent that race relations need to be improved in America. Escalating numbers of police brutality claims, divisive political campaigns, and horrific economic numbers make it clear that Blacks in America are suffering. 579 more words

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