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I’m black, but I’m uncomfortable around black people (Niggers)


I’m black, but I’m uncomfortable around black peopleEnlarge
It happened. I failed the “black” test. My hair stylist and I were chatting while she was taking a break from retightening my locs. 1,009 more words


Can Trump Get The Nigger Vote?


After eight years of Obama, America is ruined, and blacks are suffering for it.

What’s disturbing is that he even warned us.

But Obama’s “transformation” has done nothing for blacks. 694 more words

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Badge Fag Murders Unarmed Deaf White Man

If anybody who reads this blog still cannot understand why I hate cops as much as I do, and why any white person who purports to give a damn about the survival of our race… 345 more words

Milwaukee: A Flashpoint In America's Smoldering Race War

And you better come to terms with it.

While the city of Milwaukee rests under martial law after Saturday night’s nigger tantrum, the KIKE media is fast and furious  853 more words

VNN Tweets 2

An additional list of excellent tweets collected from the feed of @A_Linder_5 Read them, internalize them, re-post them.

If you’re not against the jews, you’re with them, whether you realize it or not. 503 more words

The Rape And Murder Of Karina Vetrano

The truest words you will ever hear a nigger speak.

While the alt-right faggots are presently pissing and crying about Jew Paul Nehlen’s Senate primary defeat by Loxist Paul Ryan, I thought I’d talk about a news story that actually  616 more words

To Black Niggers, White Nationalist Socialists are greater threat than terrorists

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) — The threat of violence by people inspired by foreign extremists invokes fear in a majority of young Americans across racial groups. 849 more words

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