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Viral Video: Black Youth from Baltimore Calls Rioters "Niggers," "F*cking Monkeys"

The gap between the way whites and blacks see things is a yawning chasm that cannot be explained away or papered over.

Thousands of years creating Western civilization has given the white race a very different perspective than that of a race which has always lived in mud huts. 332 more words

Tidal Wave of Colour

The Jews, eternal parasites who like devolving the people. Their crimes against an honest nature loving people are astounding! Opening the floodgates of undeveloped stagnates to destroy a creative and intelligent Nordic Race. 1,306 more words

Love Of White Culture Won't Make You An Uncle Tom

I often get accused of being a “house nigga” or an uncle tom because I take a favorable view of white culture and white people.  These accusations are usually hurled at me by the same niggers in the black community who sit back and watch our people be destroyed by gang violence, infighitng, and drug use among other vices.   492 more words