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Hong Kong at night from Victoria Peak

Black and White

Though I like the original color of this picture from http://en.wikipedia.org/, I just felt like I had to change something a bit, because it looked too vibrant. 55 more words



Tears, Why are you cold?

Why do you come freely,

Without reprieve or reason?

Tears why does misery follow you like a shadow?

Why does music seem to make you leave a trail of words that bring such sweet sorrow. 122 more words


Bite my apple

Took a bite from that red juicy Apple
Let the poison wash over me
I watched my body go cold.
I like it
Like how you make me feel like this at times… 60 more words


Chained No More

Through the years I’ve came to realized why I had summited myself to pain.
I had embraced the whips and chains
Allowed them to tear at my flesh… 102 more words