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Day 55 in 2017

Standing tall towards the night sky,

It’s breaking the darkness with the lights ready to fly.

It charms the eyes of the beholder,

Such a magnificent sculpture!


clouds rolling in

Clouds just beginning to cover the Moon before a snow. I should have traded some ISO or shutter speed for a narrower aperture, but I like the atmosphere. 9 more words


A War Mum with a New Born

Gravity-defying stunt
Of how the lap-work cradle
Of a mother, in horizontal transfer,
Makes little waves of sleep
Under an ebony tree.

He sleeps through the sounds… 73 more words


Resistance within Resistance without

Resistance within

Resistance without

Making me weak

Making me doubt

How do I fight

What is out of sight

What must I learn

Before I can move on… 49 more words


Day 43 in 2017

The candle shines in silence

Never asks for compliments

Nor sentiments.

But in silence

It draws all the attention there is

As its light is a strong magnet in darkness.