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Half awake half asleep.

You once told me in the turn of a moon or three that you love me.

Mesmerized by the possibility of it

I wouldn’t sleep for hours, days and weeks. 22 more words


Sweet dreams. Night night.

Just the sound of the fan turning

The peace

The quiet

Cars running in a distance

Soft covers

Warm sheets

Nights like this makes me dreamy… 27 more words


Mocha and cappuccino 

Mocha and cappuccino

I got the order wrong

And he chided.

All I could see was the beauty in his eyes. 74 more words



numbness, my old abusive life partner, trickle down my spine and gush outward like a broken levee.

stay up far past a reasonable bed time to think about a reality where purpose is more evident. 266 more words


Day 10 in 2017 

The furious rain is making the earth sodden,

And blurring the night vision.

Yet you can always discern the allusion

though it’s minion.

Look for the lights! 19 more words