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lightbulb (screen door 2.0)

waking up
now reminds me more of
digging up bones,
rather than skipping stones.

through thunder and sore backs and
twelve minute long tracks
that may be nothing to you and… 24 more words


Memory Foam

Sleep technology
Clever mattress
Moulding to my warm body
Remembers more than I do
About sleepless nights
Early mornings
Lazy Sundays
Tear-stained pillow
Records my dreams… 12 more words


Random words 

Sometimes we gotta dig deep and come out stronger. We are more then skin deep. Random thoughts at midnight. Need to zzzz


[HK] Hong Kong Streets

Close to 10 years ago I went to Hong Kong with family. We had a great time. The food was great. Lots of laughter and for some reason my soundtrack for the trip was The Black Seeds (had their album on repeat in my iPod).  229 more words


I Don't Mind

I don’t mind if we don’t kiss
Or if you don’t hold my hand.
It doesn’t bother me
If I don’t stay with you tonight… 84 more words


Goodnight Haiku

Love, you look weary
Rest your head upon my chest
Let the day’s woes fade

Touch me on the back
In the middle of the night… 21 more words