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Fresh and ripe

Green and whole

Sweet and tangy

A sight to behold

Freckled and imperfect

Smooth and curvy

Silent and indulging

Pale and wet… 14 more words



Do they know us well?The us that is hidden.

The fear that cannot be spoken.

The loneliness that numbs.
Oh We cover it well,

so well with our flashes of facade and whitewash. 129 more words


Follow the light

Follow the light

If you are looking for the heaven
and you lose the way,
if the darkness is around you
and you think you’re lost, 13 more words


A Kinder Day

The gray mornings, heavy like clouds above;
Where is the will to rise? Spirit dull,
I don’t want to bear the weight
Of carrying on this life today. 96 more words


Warm and Round

The night is still and round.
An ocean rises from city traffic
as my skin rejoices the fan
whirling from the ceiling.
I sit where the dog sleeps… 87 more words



You think you have saved me?

The truth is I’m broken even more

I’m close to it

That breaking point of no return

And I know you wouldn’t , couldn’t care, 104 more words


1am 29/6

I like pretty fragile things that cocoon themselves and never seem to grow old. We are too delicate in the matters of the heart and at the end of it.. 10 more words