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Flowers in the Night

Night-time photography can be challenging at first, but when one has learnt the tricks of capturing a good photograph at night, the results can be very appealing and satisfying. 359 more words


Nice Like Rice & Lunar: Putting Berlin DJs in Sheffield's empty shops and pulling it off

When VHS was the easiest way to watch a film and people actually exchanged cold hard cash for CDs you might have found yourself wandering the aisles of a Woolworths store. 827 more words


Seattle Nights: View from Kerry Park

Kerry Park offers some great panoramic views when it comes to the Seattle skyline. I was happy I had brought my zoom lens, otherwise the trees would have obstructed the view onto the Space Needle. 58 more words


Seattle Nights: Pier 55 and Downtown

Seattle features some great views at its legendary Pier 55. The Ferris Wheel is one of the most pronounced tourist attractions at this site. I tried to focus on other architecture in addition. 54 more words


San Francisco Nights: Bay Bridge and Downtown

On my third night, I checked out the area around Bay Bridge. This bridge is perhaps less common than the Golden Gate Bridge. I found it easier to find some great angles and work with water reflections than at the Golden Gate Bridge. 68 more words


So I'll wait ~

I’ll wait

Till our skins meet

Our lips touch

And you peel me bit by bit by bit

I wanted to be vulnerable with you… 68 more words