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It is a flower called the Queen of the Night.

Cestrum Nocturnum Raat rani , A night-blooming flower with a strong, sweet scent, this wonderful Saturn plant is a member of the Nightshade family (my favorite!), which has close associations with human beings in a large number of cultures across the world.

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Cestrum Nocturnum

Basement Garden

Still Blooming

What’s left blooming in our garden now are just some hardy roses, calendula and the broccoli that we let bloom for the bees (though technically a vegetable).   293 more words


A fragrant diva's backyard performance--surely not to be missed

She didn’t know I was watching, but I caught a brief glimpse of her rehearsal. Right before sundown.

She does her best performing before daybreak, but just for me, she stayed up long enough to give me a beautiful Saturday morning showing. 187 more words


Growing Moonflower

Moonflower seedlings

Though it’s still cold and windy outside, it’s time to start germinating flowers and vegetables inside and get them ready for planting next month.   317 more words


Toby, My Epi and Me

I bet you wonder what that’s all about? Mom has this plant that has these big ol’ flowers that show up in the summer. She told me it was an Epiphyllum, but I tried and tried to say that big word and it was coming out all messed up. 131 more words