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The Great Opportunity

Last night I got discussed into going out instead of having a cinema trip to watch Avengers 2 again. I wasn’t fond of spending much money but friend said he would pay for me. 233 more words

Jig Jig

Dancing is just jiggling along to the music
As graceful as a one legged pig
Nightclubs full of punters
As nimble as space hoppers
Bouncing… 78 more words


Dating: A Bar is NOT the Place. Find Yourself before Finding Your Mate

One of the biggest challenges with dating today is getting to know a person for who they are. First and foremost I’ve always felt that knowing yourself is a major part of knowing if you and your mate are compatible. 1,014 more words


Just What the Doctor Ordered

I got my prescription filled Saturday night on the dance floor!  The best medicine I could’ve asked for.  A strong drug that made me feel real good! 322 more words


Bitching on Bitch Hill

The residents of Glanrafon Hill in Bangor, known amongst University students as Bitch Hill, are regularly the target of antisocial behaviour and environmental hazards.

This is due the night-club goers using the popular walking route on the way to and from the night clubs in lower Bangor kicking bins down the hill. 623 more words

Local News

Nightlife reports: a tour of Copenhagen's clubs and bars

Copenhagen’s flourishing club scene features a diverse mix of venues, which are as full of character as they are cutting-edge DJs and producers


NYC - We <3 NYC & Drank all night

To continue mine and Emma’s New York City experience, we naturally had to get a taste of the Night life in “the city that never sleeps”. 609 more words