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“Whats all this?” I asked tossing my garbage into the dumpster and walking over to get a glimpse of all the shenanigans. I figured it was my best approach. 518 more words

Worms for Sale

My Father was not a dreamer. He believed in hard work. Showing up every day. Respecting your boss. Respecting your employees. Just having a job through the Great Depression was lucky, so guys, like my father, felt an obligation to do the best job possible to help their company be profitable and in return they kept their decent job. 729 more words

The Benefits Of Having Worms In Your Garden

If you want to have the most attractive garden, it is important for you to prepare it as best as you can. This means researching all of your soil and nutrition options in order to ensure that your plants have a healthy growing environment. 318 more words


Chapter Book Series

My summer blog break is over. I’m back and look what I found while I was gone!

Here’s a chapter book series that will entertain both boys and girls who have who have gone beyond the I Can Read stage and are ready for something more. 174 more words

Chapter Book Series

Night Crawlers (NaPoWriMo 14 of 30)

Most nights I am afraid to sleep in the dark
Silences speaks too loud
Amplified by the inability to see but hear everything
The drip of the ice box reloading… 166 more words

Nykieria Chaney


A good, soaking rain,
that made the grass and ground
spongy underfoot

bucket of dirt

They emerged from their
subterranean tunnels… 357 more words