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Drive By

While driving back from my friend’s house last night I had a very weird thought in my mind. I’ve been selfish, all my life. I don’t take enough care of myself. 166 more words

Emergency Anthropology

Before I had children I slept much more soundly. So I don’t know how long they had been hammering on the apartment door when I woke up. 831 more words


how to drive home.

you make a clumsy u-turn to make it out of the neighbourhood. you decided to roll down all the windows, and the chilly night wind rushes in. 634 more words

Night Drive

Still working on the back wall stuff (barely the tip of the iceberg on that, really). I’d estimate this one around 2002. It’s thematically really similar to the last piece I posted, so likely were written around the same time.   664 more words


Night Drive

The hum of the engine is a lullaby carried through cold metal, a hymn to something more sacred than the rewritten words of long forgotten prophets. 134 more words