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Blackness surrounding car,s

Headlights are harsh bright stars…

Driving at night

Demands different sight,

Many folks stay where they are!

–Jonathan Caswell


Credit: Kadri Sammel

True story. Once upon a time I used to work in a Supermarket, the supermarket was maybe 15 miles away from where I lived at the time and so I drove there, My responsibility was to (amongst other things) to do price checks and the busiest time for this was Sunday Night/Monday Morning when there was the greatest numbe rof price changes and new promotions. 268 more words


Driving Alone from Work - Done that, Did that, Wrote a country song. Think Again?

Have you ever drove back home at night alone? Either while returning from work or visiting a friend. Alone in car as the darkness sets in, moon is up high in the sky, wolf howling from a distance, tall scary trees confront you with their giant branches and then suddenly you see a figure standing in front of you on the road. 282 more words

Collateral Damage

The highway’s white line

pulls me through night’s dark 39 more words


My new wheels!!

When I was 18 I remember all my friends getting their driving licence and then zooming about in their cars…and I didn’t envy them at all.   431 more words


Ford Developing Advanced Headlights

Ford is developing advanced lighting technology that enables drivers to more easily see potential hazards when driving at night

Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System widens beam at junctions and roundabouts after interpreting traffic signs… 68 more words

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