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Christmas lights and wire cutters

I spotted the first sign of impending irritation on Sunday 27 November, as i was heading out for a chilly weekend walk.  A very long ladder set up against the side of one of the houses opposite me, with a man at the top, carefully tacking something along the edge of the roof.  785 more words

Retinal Detachment

Tips for Driving Safely at Night - Kanner & Pintaluga

Driving at night time can be challenging, especially when the weather conditions are also hostile. But it may be something you actually do often. Although at night is when the roads are the clearest. 17 more words



by Raechel Gladstone

Why doesn’t the question come up in driving school?

Day or night—particularly, at night—high beams are painful, cruel and dangerous. They can be that bad. 599 more words

Winter Driving: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

It’s that time of year where we turn the clocks back and the days get shorter, colder, and snowier. That also means a big difference in our time on the roads. 415 more words

How to Drive Smarter

Driving smarter will help you regardless of how often or far you drive.  The following will allow you to reduce your stress while behind the wheel while increasing your safety. 922 more words

Auto Accessories

Experiencing Small Things In A Bigger Perspective

Bucket lists do not always have to include fancy expensive desires. You heard me. Grab that old, stained journal you shoved in a box somewhere in your room and get ready to add a few more interesting things to your bucket list. 1,004 more words

Driving lesson #16 - 31 weeks

I was feeling very nervous before this lesson. Messing up the hill start at the beginning didn’t really help matters.
I had a slight panic I couldn’t fit in as the wheel was brushing my bump as I drove, my instructor pointed out I could adjust the steering wheel a bit more, so that made enough space. 218 more words

Driving Lessons