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See Better At Night Technology

Are you someone, or do you know someone who doesn’t enjoy driving once the sun has gone down? You’re not alone. A recent survey from SYLVANIA Automotive found that 62 percent of motorists avoid driving during evening hours.

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Automotive Smart Development

With nearly 300 thousand miles of roads in Florida a vehicle is more than a must. Enjoy the dream of neverending green lights with the GIF below.

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night vision

it is a long night drive
breath misting windows
in hard flung rain
headlights close in
illuminating only what i need
this bend
this tree… 51 more words

Night Driving.

One of my favourite things is night driving. Well, I say that, but in reality, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to do it. 586 more words

Ford tackles fear of the dark

A fear of the dark is a human phobia going back thousands of years, if experts can be believed, originating with our cave-dwelling ancestors who feared animal attacks after the sun set. 292 more words


Scared of the Dark? You're Not Alone. Fear Handed Down from Cavemen Ancestors Causes On-road Stress; This New Tech Could Help

It’s not just children who are afraid of the dark. Whether preferring to sleep with a light on – or worrying about driving at night – … 570 more words