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Ford tackles fear of the dark

A fear of the dark is a human phobia going back thousands of years, if experts can be believed, originating with our cave-dwelling ancestors who feared animal attacks after the sun set. 292 more words


Scared of the Dark? You're Not Alone. Fear Handed Down from Cavemen Ancestors Causes On-road Stress; This New Tech Could Help

It’s not just children who are afraid of the dark. Whether preferring to sleep with a light on – or worrying about driving at night – … 570 more words


Driving in Belize

Finally after dreaming of traveling to Belize for years, it was finally going to come true. Russ and I decided Belize would be our next destination. 759 more words


This is going to make a good story.

Last Tuesday night–Wednesday morning, technically–between 2:00 and 4:00 am, I found myself driving around Bedford and Amherst counties, including brief stints on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the ominously named (and very dark and narrow) Father Judge Road north of Madison Heights.   523 more words


Seeing Better at Night vs. Being Seen

Have you ever wondered if the laws governing headlights was put in place so drivers could see at night or be seen? In the days of horse and carriage, lamps were placed on the carriage to better be seen, as horses could see at night without help. 276 more words

How to not be a jerk - Vol. 1

Let’s talk about driving etiquette for a moment. Driving at night, specifically- and yes, this is something of a rant so please bear with me. 187 more words


Tips For Driving Safely in the Rain

Everyone has had the chance to experience driving in the rain. However, there are some who have been more fortunate to not experience driving in heavy rain, wind, or even hail. 522 more words

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