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Last night I saved an echidna's life

I was driving home in the rain after dropping my son back to his Dad’s. Narrow country lanes with many twists and turns, up and down hills, with bush and forest on either side. 506 more words


Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #3 – Street Walkin' to the NightStop

Howdy everyone and welcome to Volume 3 of The Video Game Music Chronicles. Last time in Volume 2, we discussed some heavy metal Metroid. This time around, we are deviating a bit from that into a genre that I’m not so familiar with, but so far really liking, and that is Electronic music. 576 more words


10.29.17 TI - Walking shadows

Greetings, Ramblers!

Pedestrians or bicyclists… in the dark.

Have you ever been driving down busy or narrow streets during the dark of night, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a pedestrian walking or a bicyclist coming up ahead or close to you? 531 more words


a creative writing experiment

I have posted fiction on my blog before, but it’s always been previously-composed pieces that I’ve had the chance to revise.  Today, I’m going to try something different: Right here, in the next half-hour, I’m going to write a section of my in-progress zombie apocalypse story.  359 more words


Long Ride Home

The whir of tires on asphalt create white noise as the journey continues.

It’s dark, so dark that the lamps can’t cut through the fog. You only manage to see a hazy reminder of what once protected you. 67 more words


Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

It’s late. No one is on the road. She’s tired, coming home from a fun karaoke party at her friends.

She tried to keep herself awake on this wide open road, no car insight. 331 more words


A Late Summer's Night

Crisp air punctuated by the smell of pine

Crickets in the thickets of roadside grass

Their calls cycling faster and faster as I pass, like a card in bicycle spokes… 32 more words