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Malaysia’s Diversity is its Strength!

There are those who would like to paint Malaysia as a potential hot bed of intolerance or radical religious beliefs; but it that the reality on the ground or is that just a scare tactic to disrupt the Malaysia’s existing harmony? 432 more words


Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar

Every now and then, I do enjoy heading to some night market or night bazaar, as everyone knows night bazaars or ‘uptowns’ night bazaars as they are fondly known here in Malaysia can be a pretty enjoyable place for people to hang out with their friends and family members… 381 more words

Thailand's Night Markets

Thailand is well known for it’s vibrant markets, all of them offering interesting goods and most of all: food. Some of these markets only take place at night and thus have a unique feel to them! 385 more words


The Northern Stage (Part 1)

This is part one of a six-part series on Taipei. This article covers downtown Taipei (first section).

Hello World,

Today we will start on a new place in Taiwan – the modern city of Taipei (tai2 bei3 臺北). 1,431 more words


Tainan 101 (Part 2)

This is the second part of a three-part series on Tainan. The article covers the central districts of Tainan (second section). The first part is… 1,503 more words


Roaming the backstreets of Melaka

Our second day in Melaka was one of of aimless roaming around. We spent our time looking for small alleys and backstreets with interesting shops. We started out by veering off Jonker street. 706 more words


Taipei: Summer 2K17

As part of my summer holiday, I’ve decided to take a few weeks abroad. The first country I visited, Taiwan, I spent a week in. Most of my extended family lives in Taiwan, and so I’ve been visiting Taipei (the country’s capital) on and off for a solid 2 decades. 852 more words