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Day 2: Let food be the pathway to friendship

Dear Taipei, I’m enjoying catching myself wide-eyed, completely in a trance at all the things you throw before me. Just walking down the street is an… 1,100 more words


Not Another Temple: 10 Different Things To Do in Siem Reap (with photos)

Temples are great and all. Don’t get me wrong. They’re really awesome. But if you see too many within a short amount of time they all start to lose their magic. 1,005 more words


My trip to Taiwan part II

So it’s time to conclude my story about 8 days in Taiwan. But firstly I feel I need to send out my condolences to the victims and all the people affected by the tragic plane crash in Taipei last week. 1,702 more words

Thai Islands Part 1: Andaman Coast


After the lively city of Singapore, we were excited for some relaxation on the beaches of Thailand. We flew into Phuket with Tiger Air and had no issues at all. 4,276 more words

What We Did

A night at the market

I am a man of simple aspirations, modest goals, and humble ability.  So when I decided to travel to Taipei alone I decided that my goals would be threefold. 698 more words


Welcome to Taipei!, Taiwan! Ning Xia Night Market

Night market, the lifeline of Taiwan (sort of). To be honest I am a bit worn out from night markets, as the food typically doesn’t suit me.   243 more words


Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung Taiwan 六合夜市, 高雄市

The Liuhe Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in Taiwan where seafood, clothing, knives, cameras and live cameras are sold. During the day, Liuhe 2nd road looks like any other road with flowing traffic and storefronts. 389 more words

Street Food