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'Slow life' on the River Baise.

Valence-sur-Baise (PK 0) is at the limit of navigation on the River Baise and has a nice little port where, in very hot weather, we spent a most pleasant six nights, despite the Brexit vote during our stay there and the ongoing subsequent haitus. 2,440 more words

French Cruising - South

Back to our favourite night market

The annual tidal wave of summer fun has arrived in the Greater Daglan Area. A fête here, a marché nocturne there, a vide grenier, a… 362 more words

Life In Southwest France

#graduasiatrip - taipei, taiwan

I traveled to Taipei solo where I’d hang out on my own for a few days and then meet up with my friends for the second half of time there. 188 more words


Pasar Malam the Ramadan edition: How To Lose Weight In Malaysia Part 20

It’s that time of year again here in Malaysia: Ramadan! If somehow you are reading this while living under a rock, a place you have called home for all of your life, here is the skinny on Ramadan. 818 more words

09/06/2016 Thursday 

a boy met a girl, they fell in love. this is their story.

we’ve decided to record our daily antics through photos and silly captions…

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Taipei, Taiwan

Earlier this month we took a few days to sneak off to Taiwan, which is a small island country southwest of Japan and in between Japan and China. 982 more words


Pan-Asian Metropolis -- Southern California Night Markets

One of the great things about traveling is seeing things in other countries that it would be nice to have at home, things like arts funding, betel nut beauties, caning, compulsory voting, developed cycling infrastructure, elevenses, free state colleges, green roofs, gun control, pub culture, universal healthcare, pot cafés, salted licorice, and trains that travel faster than mobility scooters, to name a few. 1,617 more words