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At first, I thought lingerers were kind of rare in zombie lore, but the more I look around the more I think they are basically the norm. 69 more words


Theatrical Thursday -A Taste for Zombies.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have somewhat of a longstanding zombie film appreciation. It was an addiction born of pure fear. As a kid, I was terrified of those slimy, grimy, stumbling dead bastards; scared shitless, actually. 569 more words

Armageddon Obsession

Years back, at DisInfoCon (I’ll try to find the link later and stick it here), Grant Morrison, comic-book writer, ritual magician and Glaswegian, mourned what he considered the western youth’s slide into what he deemed “apocalypse culture.” It’s an interesting cultural development; this is perhaps the first time in history that a vast amount of our consumable entertainment media has been based in worlds which appear to be ruined versions of our own. 720 more words


'Night of the Living Dead' Actor George Kosana Dies at 81

George Kosana, most famous for playing Sheriff McClelland in “Night of the Living Dead,” has died at his home in Clairton, Pa. He was 81. 198 more words


George Kosana - Rest in Peace

Well 2017, that didn’t take long.

The name of George Kosana might not ring a bell with some movie fans. Or even the name Sheriff McClelland, which is what he’s known for. 160 more words

Rest In Peace

Why George Romero's 'Resident Evil' Film Failed to Launch

From Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune” to Terry Gilliam’s “Watchmen,” cinema history is filled with a tantalizing array of abandoned projects. And amid these fascinating what-if scenarios, one unrealized film has haunted horror fans for almost two decades: George A. 739 more words


The Dead Awake

The Dead Awake (2015) is a short zombie comedy film written, directed and edited by Erick Lorinc. Starring Madie Dhaliwama, Stephanie Weetman, Maura Gergerich, and Adam Bornstein… 65 more words

Short Films