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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. The first of a week of shameless plug movie reviews to get you pumped about my new novel, “The Night of the Freaks”, available now for free on Inkitt.com. 666 more words

Movie Review

Podcast: CCR36: Night of the Living Dead

The Chrononauts gather to profit off of the mistakes of a 1960’s film distributor and watch George Romero’s public-domain milestone, “Night of the Living Dead!” 69 more words


'Teen Crush Tuesday' (yeah, that's a thing now) and how Night of the Living Dead changed my entire outlook on beauty. 

This is about when I was a teenager, not some crush I have on a teenager so just get that perversion out of your head now ya filthy animals! 348 more words

"George Romero's Dawn of the Dead"

Zombies have become ubiquitous in just about every medium of our popular culture. In Italy, on September 2, 1978,  when “Dawn of the Dead” first premiered, however, the massive hordes of decaying undead weren’t nearly as omnipresent. 972 more words


Film Review: Train to Busan

Train to Busan is not a film I would normally watch. I had seen plenty of zombie films (X of the living dead, I Am Legend, 30 X later, Dawn of the Dead etc.) and played video games pertaining to that too, so another film in that genre wouldn’t pique my attention. 591 more words


Wasteland 2017

As the blue skull face alien stepped up to the urinal, a blood soaked priest burst out of one of the stalls.  The crimson stains on his white vestments matched the red pus oozing out of the recesses in the zombie-like aliens face. 1,957 more words