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Memory Lane: Bosco Syrup

Wow! How many of us grew up drinking this?

For those spring chickens under 50, I am about to speak in mysteries.

The main use for Bosco was to stir it into milk, which encouraged kids to drink it. 210 more words


The Story Behind: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Most horror fans have probably seen the classic zombie films by George A Romero that basically started a new subgenre in the horror genre and here is the story behind the movie that started it all, … 149 more words


All Day HorrorFest in Rosemont

In case you had any free weekends left open next month, Flashback Weekend is going to help you fill it. On Saturday October 8th, they will be holding a 12-hour marathon of classic horror films at the Muvico Rosemont Theaters. 142 more words

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Night of the Zombie Film-Maker

Today I came across the phrase zombie film maker (to describe someone who makes zombie films) somewhere online. I don’t really remember where now, but that’s not important. 341 more words

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An Introduction to Z Culture

It’s not about the zombies. It’s about the people.

-“The Walking Dead” actor Austin Amelio on a zombie fan’s perspective

Zombies. I started this blog back in November 2014 to talk about them – what they represent, how they’ve changed over time, and why I love their acting.

520 more words
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Past Imperfect - #171

After years of refusing to go, Elissa agreed to attend one of her family reunions and finally learned the truth about why she had strange cravings at the oddest times. 14 more words


An Adventure into the Land of the Living Dead

Land of the Living Dead Official Trailer from wcn247.com on Vimeo.

When the dead arose from the grave in 1968, they took a bite out of American movie culture to become a horror cult classic. 73 more words