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Crossing a Zombie with a Vampire

I’ve always wondered if a zombie were to ever crossbreed with a vampire, what exactly would you have? It wouldn’t be a zombie, that I know. 590 more words


Netflix Roulette: The Horde

To be completely fair, I was up late last night, I didn’t have my usual caffeinated drink this morning, and I decided to watch this movie laying supine on the couch… in the end though, I truly believe that it wasn’t any of these factors that led to my nearly constant nodding off during… 756 more words

Netflix Roulette

Classics Revisited: The Exorcist

I think I saw The Exorcist when I was too young… this is not your typical I-saw-The-Exorcist-as-a-kid-and-it-scarred-me story… quite the opposite in fact. I saw the movie when I was in middle school, and slept like a baby that night. 1,727 more words


Emerald Reprobates Podcast Episode 61

On this episode we talk young famous people, get all Jurassic and revisit our favourite topic, death.

Spoiler policy: We see it, We spoil it! 70 more words

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Netflix Roulette: Haunt

Sorry for the delay. I was visiting my parents this weekend for Father’s Day. I had planned on writing a post about how my father introduced me to so many great movies at a (very) young age, some of them of the horror variety. 994 more words

Netflix Roulette

Update: 'Night of the Living Dead' star Judith O'Dea contributes to 'The Dames of Horror'

Horror legend, actress Judith O’Dea, has graciously wrapped up an interview for the upcoming horror scream queen book, The Dames of Horror. In her interview, she talks her inspirations for acting, the impact of Night of the Living Dead, and other snippets of scream queen lore. 27 more words


Night of the Living Dead Volume One (Comic)

In 1968 zombies rose from their graves and the world fell in love with Night of the Living Dead, now, go back to that time again with a comic book series that takes place right before the events of the film and gives a little bit more story about the people and places seen or at least discussed in the movie. 2,045 more words

The Undead Review