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My dream with 'Mummy Nemesis'

I think I had a dream, no possibly a nightmare with the one I call ‘mummy nemesis’ last night. I think why I share such vitriol for her is I spotted an online plead for help from her after she was obviously in a vulnerable position after giving birth to her second child, and wanted to be relieved from her sense of isolation. 555 more words

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Campus Chronincles: Dunda

So, its my final year of university. yaay \°/. Let’s just say, a few months to go..two to be exact. Today’s blog is a little bit of an orientation for the Matiang’i squad joining University and more of a throwback for those who’ve been there. 1,020 more words

Cheers to Three Years! 

Where does time even go these days, really?? We’re over halfway through January, which means summer has to be just around the corner… right? That’s what I keep telling myself at least! 342 more words

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Saturday State of Mind

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I can’t believe it is already Sunday!!! These weekends go by way too fast for me. This weekend, it was very relaxed. 111 more words



Huometa täältä Pariisista!

Kiirettä pitää. Olen viettänyt nyt Pariisissa kaksi viikkoa, eikä kiire ole hellittänyt vielä. Koko ajan tapahtuu ja silloinkin kun ei, on helppo keksiä jotakin uutta ihmeteltävää. 614 more words

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How to say no: week 2 😉

Welcomed the second week of going out on Friday nights and so far, so good.

Yay, Friday the 13th! Passed by for a friend’s gig before heading to another place with Mae. 255 more words


Making Mischief - two worlds collide 

I had been counting down to my mid November days off ever since my start date, the days my friends were visiting from Auckland. Kylie, Bobby, Ricky and Michelle were due to land in Queenstown at 10am so I caught an early hitch up the hill and waited at their gate with homemade signs, shaking with excitement. 435 more words