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Dear drunk me

Dear drunk me,

Wow, you’re drunk. This is rare. And no I’m not saying this sarcastically, you hardly ever drink let alone drink more than one of something. 704 more words


Loves a drunk feed

After a solid night of champagne orange juices and embarrasing dance moves, the end of my night is driven by my growling stomach.

Fast food on the way home is hard to pass up, but only if you can trust whats being made of course. 435 more words


Outfit of The Day + Summer Night Out

Hey everyone! Today, I am sharing my first outfit of the day post on my blog! I absolutely love style and fashion, but I also love great deals! 178 more words

Style, Beauty, & LIfestyle

Product Review: Clothing on a Budget (Urban Planet)

Being a student, I am all about bargains and clearance items. But, when you find a store that is perfectly priced (or otherwise known as getting an entire outfit for around $30CAD), you shop until you drop! 208 more words

Boys' Night

Last night, the fourth grade boys celebrated next week’s start of school with an all-boys’ outdoor movie night. The night was put on as part of an effort to establish some traditions for them that bring them together as a group. 131 more words

My Current Skincare Routine

I know none of us really want to spend our precious time at the sink taking our makeup off and taking care of our skin, especially if your still half drunk after a night out or the morning after when you realise you didn’t take it off. 589 more words

Nights out when you're a mother

So I don’t drink anymore. Partly because I don’t really go out anymore but mostly because I just can’t deal with the week long hangovers and a screaming toddler. 313 more words