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If I Were a Plant ~ #poetry #whimsical

If I were a plant, what would I be?
Perhaps not a plant, maybe a tree?
One that grows tall, since I’m really short
Then I can build, a neat little fort… 160 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Saturday Stars ~ Albino Robin - #myphotography

5th in the “Saturday Stars” photography series on my blog.

We met this beautiful female albino robin at The Raptor Trust in Millington, NJ.  Although she is by no means a raptor, she is well taken care of here. 64 more words

Night Owl Poetry

The Seasons Fly ~ #poetry of the #seasons

Watching waves, cresting, high

Those summer days did seem to fly

Then autumn came in, with a sigh

Followed by winter’s icy cry

Awaiting spring, new life I’d spy… 22 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Once a Treasure ~ #poetry #SeptemberWriting

Once held so deeply, below the sea

Mother of pearl, beautiful, and free

Washed ashore, on the crest of a wave

She lost her pearl, in a watery grave… 45 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Will I ever be 'Discover'ed? ~ #poetry to #ponder

I wonder if I will ever uncover

The secret behind WordPress’s Discover

It used to be Freshly Pressed, long ago

But that disappeared, to where? I don’t know… 74 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Friday Fantasy ~ Winged Flight - #poetry #fairies

The fantasy does come alive

As fairy wings about do fly

Dance throughout the midnight air

Around the forest with no care

Guided by the pale moon light… 38 more words

Night Owl Poetry