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One day in 2015 - Munich by Night (Part 15 of 33)

“In ancient times, anterior to our history, the temples of the spirit were also outwardly visible; today, because our life has become so unspiritual, they are not to be found in the world visible to external sight; yet they are present spiritually everywhere, and all who seek may find them.”  (R.S.)

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How to Beat an iPhone Photo

To me? Photography is more than art. It’s love. It’s painting with light. It’s a orchestra of knowledge that takes just as much time to perfect through one click as any artist who paints with a brush. 518 more words

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Effervescent Ljubljana

Thsi weekend, my daughter is off to effervescent Ljubljana with two friends to celebrate her 21st birthday.  A perfect spot to explore, eat, drink, relax and maybe party a little! 18 more words

Thursday Special