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Night shots winding down and a Chevrolet Camaro V8 USA

I’ve always like night shots, from my early B&W film work which often fooled people as it could look like daytime shooting (until I pointed out the various anomalies), through the frustrations of poison yellow views captured under sodium street-lighting, to the joy of shooting hand-held night shots that genuinely look like daytime shots (again until anomalies are noted) thanks to the arrival of white LED street lights. 315 more words



Evening traffic outside of the old city walls, Jerusalem, Israel, February 2017


Odd car incident spotted on the run

Given that I now walk (or even run) everywhere, the amount of time I spend outside yields remarkably few ‘incidents.

Mind you, since I missed the most recent on my almost daily walk, a double-stabbing in a pub considered ‘nice and quiet’ a couple of evenings ago, I’m not really complaining. 451 more words


Uphill Lincoln at Night

Given that the cathedral quarter is lit at night it seemed a perfect opportunity to grab some night shots. A full moon helped too.

Bailgate was very quiet at 9 p.m. 59 more words



Whilst going through my Lincoln photos for future posts, I came across this image of a woman heading down Steep Hill with a perfect shadow.

Weekly Photo Challenge


An evening out in Jerusalem, Israel, February 2015


Rainy Night Shots

This really became a thing for me in 2016, where I find myself out on rainy nights and fall for the reflections. Mostly in San Francisco but the bus one is from Berkeley. 17 more words