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Why didn't I see this five years ago?

When visiting this blog to write a new post I noticed that the last time I had done this was two weeks ago. Happy April Fools Day!!! 323 more words


Night Shots

Admiring the acoustics and marble of the DC War Memorial.

Tower Bridge

THE London photo ;) – at night. Tower Bridge, London, October 2016



Things change according to how we perceive them


Something is wrong with this picture

The laws of physics if what I was taught in school apply to everyone. All the time.

There aren’t any exceptions for the rich, the famous or the good looking. 430 more words


Night Light

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL, there is so much to see and do!¬† There are live shows (think “Lion King” and birds of prey), there are rides, there are stores and restaurants, there are fantasy worlds (think¬† 707 more words


Car name is almost longer than car

I noticed I’d missed out quite a lot of nice registrations simply because I don’t notice them as I pass them on an almost daily basis. 164 more words