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Brisbane at Night

From the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs, which were shaped by the ever flowing water masses of the Brisbane River throughout millenniums, the skyline of the city’s CBD seems to spread out like a drop of water at the moment of impact on hot soil. 105 more words


Friday Night on Mt. Coo-Tha

As darkness falls and Brisbane’s skyline puts its pretty face on, streams of people gather at the top of Brisbane’s nearby mountain, Mt. Coo-Tha. Groups of tourists, first dates, and couples lean against the railing, soaking in the atmosphere of the never-sleeping city beneath them. 40 more words


Canada Day Fireworks Show

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all the readers of this post! I had an amazing day with my family at Assiniboine Park with all the people around there. 68 more words


Fishermen on Snapper Rocks

The light of their headlamps are drawing lines on the exposed sensor of my camera as two fishermen walk along the remains of the last tide. 92 more words


A Drunken Night in Krakow

Drinking and photographing. Point& shoot camera. Krakow Night Life. I’ll let the pictures tell the story of this photographic journey through the night…

The end… … 64 more words


Alien Burn

This has been my favorite actual burn of the man. The UFO structure beneath him burned forever and held its shape until the final roaring collapse. 23 more words