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The Gods Are Smirking

The chronic illness gods did not take kindly to my advertising their kindness and flaunting my good sleep luck.

After writing my last post, I had two tossy-turny not-restful nights that left me depleted and suffering brain drag. 442 more words


Learning to Give In

weight in result: +1.6kg

Weigh in result very positive again, I think it’s still water though and between you and me my bowels have been a bit sluggish so I’m not getting overly excited about it. 408 more words

Weight Restoration

NaPoWriMo 2015 - Day 19 - Write a Landay - I Will Kick Him Out

I    Will   Kick   Him   Out

With stealth, his first after life visit.

How did he get under the covers to make our lovers tryst? 90 more words

Do You Suffer From Hot Flashes + PMS + Low Sex Drive + Weight Gain?

Hey Friends,

We’ve all heard it before: To lose weight, your body must burn stored fat. Yet, despite counting calories and maintaining a regular exercise regimen, many of us still can’t shed the pounds. 288 more words

Jackie's Corner

What Now, Prozac?

So this post might be a bit rambling, I want to just vent about my week dealing with my depression and anxiety.  My parents returned from their winter home and haven’t asked me any dumb questions about work or my depression… 181 more words


Suffering's First.

Why do they call them side effects? That’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer that. I only pose that question because they seem to overwhelm my life that I sometimes forget why I’m taking these pills in the first place. 184 more words

10 Things "Skinny" People Take for Granted

Unless you’ve actually been morbidly obese, there’s no way to know the truly hellish consequences that come with it.  The physical health aspects of it are easy to point out, but it’s the non-stop emotional and spiritual beating of everyday life that take the greatest toll.   897 more words