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REVIEW: Night Sweats (Tom Cardamone)

Encapsulate the book in one sentence?

I’ll let the book cover do it: Tales of Homosexual Wonder and Woe.

Intriguing, tell me more.

Tom Cardamone’s second collection of short fiction — gay speculative fiction with dark, weird undertones. 666 more words





What made you decide to become a fiction writer?

I remember the moment so vividly. It was as if I were “literally” struck by lightning. 1,324 more words

Bold Strokes Books

food porn

Aren’t I just the best?!  If you look at my food plan, you’ll see these amazing creations on the menu, which I have just made, adapted and kindly test-tasted for you.  261 more words

Full Color Fade

I do not even

Remember what sex was like

With his skin on mine.

We stained the pillows

And didn’t even notice

Until looking back.


AAAGH! I forgot to put the most important thing that is going on menopause-wise, as I know you are dying to know as usual…  Well, it’s all pretty hellish really, and I wake up approx 12 times a night, and just before Christmas I discovered that I have a touch of carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands, so that’s also waking me up, AND the dentist is insisting that he’s found evidence that I grind my teeth at night (yeah, probably because I’m trying to control my outburst of anger at the price the bleeding dentist charges) so now I’m also supposed to wear a weird mouth sheild thing, so sleep has been out of the question plus the sheild has forced me to develop a very attractive lisp while trying to carry out my usual seduction routine.  346 more words

Sunday Shorts - "Night Sweats" Q&A with Tom Cardamone

Hey folks! I was lucky enough to corner Tom Cardamone for a few moments over the holidays, and he was kind enough to have a chat with me about his newest collection, … 1,479 more words

Sunday Shorts


So I happened to catch this performance when it originally aired last year, but when I finally got around to posting it to my blog, NBC had already taken the video down.   338 more words