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Magnets Cure for Menopause Symptoms?

You May Think I’m Crazy

I admit it sounds totally mad to me too. No pills, hormones, potions, patches or creams. You just put a couple of strong magnets in your knickers! 624 more words


Cancer Update: 2 Years Gone Already

This time two years ago I found a lump in my breast. It didn’t hurt but I knew what it could be.

A year ago I returned to work after the surgery and treatments. 294 more words

Cancer Update

Health Tip of The Week: Acupuncture and Herbs for Menopause Discomfort

During menopause, some women may suffer considerable discomfort, while others do not experience any discomfort. Through years of experience treating menopause discomfort for my patients, I have seen that most menopause suffering patients’ body constitutions are Yin deficiency. 136 more words


Let's Chat: Liver Love

My friend posted an article on Facebook about night sweats remedies, which in turn, prompted this Let’s Chat. For reference, the link to the article is at the end of this post. 591 more words



So ever since I wrote my last journal entry, I’ve been having nightmares & night sweats. It’s severely impacting my sleep, and any progress I was making has gone down hill. 209 more words


Hot flushes and HRT

This last week I have been trialing an oestrogen transdermal patch to get my hot flushes under control. Honestly, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Like clock work, from 6pm, my body would turn into a furnace. 388 more words

Appendix Cancer

And so it begins...

A little bit about me… Nancy Marie.

I’m 49 (50 in 6 months) How did that happen? Time keeps on slippin’… Anyway, I’m a single mom to two lovely and amazing kids. 409 more words