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Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

I heard the other day that some women get through perimenopause and menopause with scarcely a bothersome symptom. I don’t think I like those women. 514 more words

Postpartum night sweats and hot flashes. Sorry.

Night sweats and hot flashes. We’re talking drenched PJs, sheets, the whole works. And I’m not talking about menopause, although we have that to look forward to as well. 330 more words

Post Delivery (post Partum)

Sweating While Sleeping: Causes and Remedies

Do you have problems sweating while sleeping also called night sweats? Are you always sweating?

Many people go through the problem of sweating while sleeping, which gives them a very difficult and stressful sleep. 839 more words

Excessive Sweating

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollan

Okay, okay I learned my lesson.

I’ve been sailing on a sea of doldrums this week, managing some gastrointestinal side effects, finally cutting the remainder of my little wisp, and trying not to think about the four more rounds of these toxins that I need to confront this summer. 939 more words

6 Things nobody tells you that happen to your body after the baby is born.

During pregnancy you’re so focused on giving birth and having a newborn.  You make a birth plan, you decorate the nursery, you have a baby shower.  1,134 more words

Get a room!

Ok I’m have come to terms with the fact that I’m a middle age woman.  It wasn’t easy to accept that I am going through……the change.   198 more words

Stephanie And Janet's World

Eczema versus Lymphoma

One of the most frustrating aspects of having chronic atopic dermatitis is that many of the symptoms overlap with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but since the latter is rare, it is seemingly unlikely that a person will have it while also being difficult to have enough concrete signs and symptoms that a doctor will feel it warrants further investigation. 541 more words