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Can Sage Help With Night Sweats?

Can Sage Help Night Sweats?

Around three-quarters of all menopausal women suffer from night sweats. They can be one of the most disruptive symptoms of menopause because they disturb a woman’s sleep, which may lead to other problems, such as… 388 more words


FAQ's About Night Sweats

What are night sweats perimenopause symptoms?   Night sweats are hot flushes that occur at night. Because oestrogen levels are often lowest at night, 75% of perimenopausal women experience night sweats. 390 more words

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If Only I Had Known

I’ve been compiling a mental list of things they never told me about getting older.  Who are they you ask, as you’re confused by my use of a pronoun without a referent?   399 more words


Always take the weather with you

It starts with my heart racing, then a wave of tension accompanied by a sinking feeling of foreboding across my body,  and thoughts of “not again”  as my skin turns almost red hot and sweat pours off me in pools. 705 more words

Sage Chips!

Yes, you heard me right!  Sage Chips.  Think Kale Chips then think Sage.  A wonderful herb that once roasted tastes nothing like sage!  hard to believe but give it a go.   189 more words


Maca: an effective natural alternative to HRT

In scientific study on 168 caucasian menopausal women Maca was found to be an effective natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  In the words of the scientists, doctors and PhD researchers involved in the study Maca was… 592 more words

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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B. (Official)

“I’m gonna need someone to help me
I’m gonna need somebody’s hand
I’m gonna need someone to hold me down
I’m gonna need someone to care… 250 more words