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Dear Dreamer,

When these moments happen. When you find yourself staring at the ceiling and thinking about the what ifs. When your rib cage feels as if it could cave in from the memories that your mind won’t let you escape from. 294 more words


The First Night

“Hey, I know that school!”

The first words you ever wrote to me;

opening us up to a strange new world.

One hour turned to two, and then we were watching the sunrise—the first time. 115 more words


In search of food

She came from the roof top.

There was no voice, complete silence.

No voice from her even in silent night.

She was in search.

In search of food. 58 more words


Triptych for a Rainy Day

I. Morning

Rewind the grey dots on the pavement.
Drop them up into the sky,
Higher, higher to their pinprick
pockets in the clouds.

Pockets where, for a brief moment, 227 more words


Made In The A.M

For one year, I distracted myself. I directed my focus on things that mattered.

I focus on my work, I went out with my friends, I go traveling again. 773 more words


Street Views

“The world looks so different from the street level. The view depicts the real life. “