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All night rain falls

in the hills
an owl calls out for a mate
all night rain falls


sleep sprites unreel
dream movies on closed eyelids
all night rain falls… 25 more words


What makes my rhymes flow

I look at the sky and wish I could fly.
Wing spread, but they’re heavy as lead.
I can feel my blood flow, but it’s just too slow. 90 more words

night light

close thy eyes

and wish upon the best of all stars

and be the mirror of the mind

and see things clearly

and so divine… 50 more words


bliss and horror

Mine is a story never to be told. It is not a tragedy rather a story of love. It is a love story painted with gold and silver which has been cast into the shadows of the Earth. 444 more words

Truth And Consequence

New on 500px : Moments of Mesmerising by MichielBuijse

Moments of Mesmerising

What if the nightsky in The Netherlands would be free of light pollution? We could probably capture the milky way like this. But living in a small and very populated country, this would only be a dream unless we have a total power blackout. 29 more words

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