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Sunrise and Sunset

Hello, just a quick one. Just thought I would share my pictures of the sunrise and sunset I captured the other day. Hope you like them.

FinTech Trivia Social Singapore

(Source: www.eventbrite.co.uk)

Mark your calendars – 1st November 2016, it’s time to break out the food, drinks, and rapid fire rivalry.

Are you the startup guru of Singapore? 157 more words


A Most Wondrous Novel

Lost and stumbling in the dead of night,
Occasional glimpses of light appear
Piercing through depressing darkness
Giving me hope that a new page in life… 153 more words


Thought of The Night


8:56 PM

Writing another weird post before going to bed today. Two days ago, I was expressing my opinion about reincarnation. If you have not read it yet, then read it here:  294 more words


curly hair and high waisted levis;

dear pull ups and pants falling down;

dear dark face mask and mumbled threats;

dear implicit bias

who I bump elbows with… 74 more words


We are One 

The body falls exhausted at night

And rises invigorated at the first light

Whether one lies on a bed or on the street

God has gifted us with sleep… 25 more words


The Darkness.

The darkness calms her,
the silence that comes with it,
is oddly soothing.

The night, cold and dark,
Yet, never terrifies her,
It’s what makes her whole.