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Go to Friday Night Clay at Moeran Center for Clay while staying in furnished apartment in Tampa

On May 25th, 2018, enjoy Friday Night Clay at Moeran for Clay! You will get your hands dirty for two hours of wheel throwing and hand building. 91 more words


In a sea of emails,

How do I find,

The one that says

You’re coming home.

So I stayed up all night,

Instead of diving in. 12 more words


Dusky Afterglow

The curtains of wilderness open up
inviting me seductively, like a virgin desirous of a taste of sin
prompting me to peep inside of me, 47 more words



“The present

Lost in the gung-ho

Of tales of survival


Juxtaposition of

Past and future

It cries foul

Just alike

The self

Lost forever… 99 more words

Poem: Thunder and Rain

(Written 05/17/2018 During a Dark and Stormy Night)

‘Twas a dark and stormy night,
And the smaller children were filled with fright.
The frequent flashed of light… 239 more words


Dear diary,

It’s 3 in the morning I am sitting here with the warm chill hitting my back — there’s a subtle hint of romanticism here, won’t you agree? 137 more words



I sit at my desk clutching the coffee cup in both hands tightly, feeling the warmth rushing through my fingers and then my entire body. The feeling takes me back to last night – how I dreamt… how I dreamt you were here with me again – feeling every warmth throughout my entire body with every touch, with every kiss. 176 more words