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The Night Watchman

To the islanders, he was a nobody. To me, the most impressive man, tho’ wholly unassuming, even humble – that I ever encountered.

(Author Herman Melville, writing about meeting… 1,193 more words


The Loneliness of the Night (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Neil N.

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Hey everyone!

It’s 1 am here and I found myself writing this. 283 more words


The moon mystery

The moon at night on the 20th August, from my window. No surprise, I could not sleep.


The Silent throbs of the undiscovered child; can you hear me?

Im tired. Tired of trying to accurate the  portrayals of what people make me seem like i am . Or trying to correct peoples wrong impressions of me. 213 more words



What do you see?

A road.

Where does it lead to?

A cliff.

What happens when you get there?

I jump.

What happens when you jump? 27 more words


Dark sets forth the dull

All emotions loosely hurl

The heart slowly uncurls

Walls and wounds unfurl

Man no longer needs wine

The dark is enough for the secrets to untwine.