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Wedding Number Three – "That's everything I know"

The request for money had left her seething. She had been so mad that she had actually called the school herself for more information. To her horror she had discovered that not only was the school asking for more money for expenses for a “special outside the curriculum opportunity” but that her only son, Gentry, was majoring in a field with no career prospects. 1,288 more words


I built my dreams around you

So I stayed up late last night waiting for himself to get in from the pub.  I thought we could have a nightcap together…He got in at 2a.m. 151 more words


The 28 Second Guy

I had given a guy a ride home after he had too much to drink.

When we arrived at his apartment complex, he was in the middle of a story so I parked the car as he continued on.  179 more words




We both had to be up and about at a reasonable time this morning as we both had places to go. This didn’t make getting out of bed any easier though. 650 more words

Random Thoughts

Cherry Goodnight - Review

Due to the nature of what I do, most days I’m still fully switched on until at least 11pm. Therefore, by the time I actually switch off and get into bed, it’s already gone midnight. 315 more words


5 Ways Your Daily Nightcap Affects Your Health

Many of us have a routine of a glass of wine in the evening, to wind down after work. However, we should be conscious of how even a single drink a day can negatively impact our health. 10 more words