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Weekly Poem #179

Magic Hour

Climbing columns of black wood,

Splitting sunlight into translucent sheets

And standing, rank and file, thickening.

Night falling, stillness slowly spreading,

Coldness descending from the cloudless sky, 168 more words


Cicada Night -- A Flash Fiction Story

My friend at Short Tale Shrew has set up a community of flash fiction writers. According to her, flash fiction is a work of fiction that engages the reader in less than 1,000 words. 214 more words

Sweet Home

Herbal Supplements For Nightfall Problem And Semen Leakage In Men

Nightfall problem occurs when body lost control over ejaculation. This happens because of the weakness in male genital area. Poor control over muscles and nerves leads to automatic semen leakage in men while sleeping. 466 more words


Best Natural Ways To Stop Excessive Nightfall In Men

Nightfall or wet dreams are natural processes of body to discard old semen in absence of physical relationships. This generally occurs at young age when boy is about to achieve or have achieved puberty. 446 more words


Is Frequent Nightfall Harmful And How To Stop Ejaculation During Sleep?

Nightfall is not considered as a problem if it occurs occasionally. There are few mild reasons of the problem like long term absence of physical relationships, intense arousal during the day or young age which can bring occasional episode of nightfall. 433 more words


Marina evening

A kiss of a wing on the water,
A mallard in flight in the air,
A whisper of breeze in the treetops,
These moments of beauty I share. 78 more words

My Life