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Ways To Get Rid Of Nightfall And Premature Ejaculation In Men Naturally

The process of ejaculation in men is a reflex action, just like sneezing – there is no point of return. The process is stimulated spinal reflux comes under two different types of nervous system input – sympathetic (for emission) and somatic (for ejaculation). 460 more words


The Orange Ball from my Window 

My Dreams Are The Sun

See that golden hue

Burning in the west

My dreams are with that color

My dreams are the sun

The sun always sets…

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Nightfall And Improve Male Health Safely

Men with weak reproductive system will suffer from nightfall and premature ejaculation. Common reasons for wet dreams include side effects of the medicines, low energy levels, stress, erotic thoughts, fantasies, diabetes, enlarged prostate gland and lethargic nerves in the reproductive system. 472 more words


Black Out (Cinquain)

will not disguise
drab rain soaked delusions
under a star encrusted cloak’s


Kingdom of Ashes (Look at what I got in the mail!)

A few months ago, a sweet gal by the name of Elena May commented on my Review Policy saying that–as an indie author herself–she really appreciated my inclusion of them in the books I’ll accept! 378 more words

Confessions Of A Bibliophile

One of the most satisfying rewards of hitting rock bottom and starting your life over is soul-searching. Focusing on yourself and who you truly are. Rediscovering your dreams and what has been holding you back from achieving them. 421 more words


Though evenings’ light is almost gone, a Purple coneflower still graces with a dash of colour.