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The science fiction sieve

In a remarkably lucid essay published last week in Nautilus, the mathematician Noson S. Yanofsky elegantly defines the self-imposed limitations of science. Yanofsky points out that scientists deliberately take a subset of phenomena—characterized mostly by how amenable it is to their chosen methods—for their field of study, while leaving the rest to the social sciences or humanities. 1,221 more words



Nightfall isn’t an abrupt occurrence, it kind of slides over you like pulling a blanket up, something to nestle and wrap yourself in.

Herbal Remedies For Excessive Nightfall Problem In Men

Do you feel that the nocturnal emissions are happening beyond the healthy limit? Are you looking for an effective treatment that cures involuntary discharge easily? Do you often feel that wet dreams harm your self-esteem? 464 more words

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For all girls in the world, have you ever desired to buy a lipstick to the extent that you wait for its exact launching time but you still cannot buy because it was sold out within 5 minutes? 722 more words


She Walks Ahead

Outside a romantic air,

indicates love,

we might intertwine fingers

to please one another,

the skin that alive arouses a moment,

when least anticipated,

I see to be enticed. 51 more words