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Little Eyes

I had such an awful nightmare last night. Caleb, Malachi, and I were getting Malachi’s eyes checked and we were told that she was going to go blind because of striations in her eyes. 81 more words

Dream Journal


Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

I am not a prose writer, but I wasn’t able to find a philosophical way of expressing certain ideas and feelings. So, here’s a fairytale. 2,168 more words

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War Wounds

“I am blind to beauty for I have seen the ugliness of war,
My heart discard, my soul’s an open sore,
My spirit’s broken, and my body is not well,

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Child Abuse

A penny for your thoughts - or a banana for your nightmare?

Hey guys, I’ve missed you!

I just woke up from a nightmare – seriously – in which I found myself on an Airbus A380 (that’s not the nightmare bit as sitting on one of those is a dream come true!) … 120 more words



Pumpkins quake in fear

Nightmares of being gutted

And burned from within


9. Monsters Inc.

Many moons ago when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I’d have recurring nightmares that always involved vampires searching the house for me. Terrified, I’d hide behind a door or a wall, while the bloodsuckers crept about in search of their breathless victim. 563 more words

Lucid Dreaming

Mysterious Senses of Reality

Mysterious Senses of Reality

Sitting surrounded by marshmallows …

Blanking reality, mystically bellows,
Dumb as a box of sodden rocks,

Keys failing to chirp at locks! 158 more words