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I was on the other side of Iowa to come to this school to be tested and fulfill some other type of work. They put me up in a room in the end of the main hall that was barely hospitable for overnight stays. 1,102 more words


Freddy's Coming for You

Hey you Guys and Gals, this piece is inspired by one of my favourite movie collections. No prizes for guessing what it’s called.

And what ever you do… Don’t fall asleep! 174 more words


Cognitive Torment

Night after night he dreamt of the horrors that he would bring to the world. He dreamt of the worst version of himself he could be. 301 more words

Endless Resurrection

I died that day
and ever since
I kept dying and dying.
Everyday,with no peace in my heart
And a broken soul.
Each time the sun comes up… 24 more words



I’ve had a lot of nightmares about being in the back seat of moving vehicles. Cars, roller coasters…anything, really, that my mind could use to portray a terrifying image of me being out of control. 929 more words

The Descent: Another Dream Reminder to Avoid Fighting Alone

Creepy dreams are always unpleasant, but they become particularly insidious when they make a reappearance six months later.

Sometime back in the winter, I had a random dream about living in a new house with my mom, who for some reason was extremely displeased with me. 569 more words