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IRELAND- 2018: "Lethal Dreams"

> Every time I visit Ireland, (and this is my 14th visit), I am blessed/cursed with vivid dreams that quite rock my waking life. 1,088 more words

Kevin Keelan

Dream Analysis: My First Dream in Months

Every so often, I take a break from cannabis.  I recognize that I use it as an escape, and take advantage of the fact that I can be a very high functioning stoner.  2,073 more words


Beware the Goddess of Sleep

Beware The Goddess of Sleep, dear readers, for she can be every bit cruel as she can be kind. Trust me when I say that she is not an entity that takes kindly to being trifled with. 158 more words



Maybe sometimes your instincts can go wrong too,

Maybe sometimes those gut feelings feel what the heart tells it to feel,

And maybe,

Just maybe sometimes I feel these thoughts don’t come true. 142 more words

Tensions and Emotional Retreats

My first night at the refuge consisted of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable with the bags which constantly got in my way. When I did find sleep I woke many times drenched in sweat from terrible dreams of screaming out in pain and terror. 632 more words

Life Story

Meds update

so i talked with dr. barry about my med situation. remember we were having trouble taking them?
well i told her about it. and she was very understanding. 49 more words


Say Goodbye to the NHS

by Thoughts of a Senior Citizen.

I try not to moan about the things that hurt, after all aches and pains are part of getting old. 1,261 more words

Thoughts Of A Senior Citizen