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Sleep that leaves you tired,

And trying to catch up a night’s rest,

In the five minutes before you get up.

And nightmares that chase at your feet. 10 more words


my defenses: my protection or my prison – a personal reflection on human behavior, part 7

Yesterday, I considered myself done, at least for the moment, in reflecting on human behavior. Yet, as oft happens with me, I had the proverbial second thought. 874 more words

A Personal Reflection


‘Visons’ by Jefferson Muncy Art 

I’m so up and down


falling about the place

then picking myself up


dusting myself off

planning my future… 82 more words

Jodine Derena Butler

Night Bears.

Someone told me a story about her daughters, who woke up at night and looked for the “bears” that were scaring them, having misheard the word “nightmare” as “night bear.”  It was a sweet story and I loved the imagery.   1,403 more words


Night Time Rescues

My eyes spring open, they are hot. My eyeballs are actually hot. Or maybe burning, yeah, burning sounds about right. A quilt of darkness shadows the room and my hands instinctively go for the bedroom lamp.   566 more words

The Blogging Mama

When Dreams Awaken

It is almost 5am and I am awake sitting with a cup of tea contemplating the disaster zone that is my home.  It is such a disaster zone that my dreams decided to let me know just how bad things were. 286 more words


Darkness and Light

I do not fear my darkness;
My nightmares are old, old friends
who dance while the devil plays lullabies
and carves poetry into my soul. 34 more words