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8 a.m. = Too early for philosophical questions

My kid has decided TV is the best thing ever invented and outside is kind of lame most of the time. That’s not gonna fly, so we’ve started this new routine. 671 more words

Kid Anecdotes

Mortal Dread

I’ve been having bad dreams and nightmares for a few days now. I wake up cold with dread and with a silent scream of terror and a rapid beating heart. 220 more words

And This Is Random.


Disturbing thoughts of the raging nightmares

Whispered in ears and screamed into minds

Where the narcissists succumbed to each other

When the impeccable cursed in return… 78 more words


Syphoning Nightmare Fuel

The Difference Between Dream Logic and Story Logic

People always ask authors where their ideas come from. In the case of Sandman creator, Neil Gaiman, fans always ask if he gets his ideas from dreams. 1,253 more words



A pewter’d-down day,

This mys’try gloom befallen,

End of windless March–

And I, I dare not look full

Deep beyond still evergreens.


Before true waking, 115 more words



A phobia is an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance. The word fear strikes each of us in different ways. 341 more words


Perchance to dream – and then to write

I’m writing a novel about sleep, and so lately I’ve been trying to understand my dreams. A novel about sleep may sound like a yawn, but at the moment I’m finding it eye-opening. 745 more words