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Bad time

Migraines have plagued me for the last two weeks. I’ve been to hospital three times now for pain relief as nothing is working. Finally my dr has prescribed a blood pressure medication as it turns out that my blood pressure – that I’ve never had problems before is sky high and this may be causing the migraines. 368 more words

Dreams (Chapter 1, continued)

Ten years later.

He was walking alone on a dusty path that does not seem to end. It seemed that he’s been walking that road for countless years now. 532 more words


The Nightmare Continues

My symptoms haven’t gotten worse! That is a plus. I was expecting the usual downward slope into bad symptoms and needing a sick day, but instead I was able to get into work with my make up on and my clothes clean. 233 more words


The Red Shoes - Free Short Story

The first short story up is The Red Shoes. For those who got the second edition of The Eagle Key you will already be familiar with it but I thought it was a good one to share for others. 72 more words


The Wishing Map 132

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Long Night (continued)

Previously: With the help of her brother and B’frona, Gina finally vanquished the Questing Beast. 564 more words


Ashes and other painful subjects

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I learned from twitter that today is Ash Wednesday. Looking at the several hashtags dedicated to the fun times some people are having today, I was left feeling bemused at the gulf between this ‘fun’ and my own memories. 403 more words

Daydreaming Vs Night Dreaming

We all know what night dreaming is, but just to clarify so we all know the difference, what is daydreaming?

Day dreaming: A series of pleasant thoughts about something you would rather be doing or something you would like to achieve in the future. 474 more words