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Ache, the sequel

The legs still have some soreness in them. There’s joy in that, knowing that I gave a good effort on Sunday, that I got to fly in the last few hundred yards of the half-marathon in spite of legs that were right on the edge of cramping, but almost all I could see was the finish line and wanting to make what will likely be my only race this year one where I went to the edge. 437 more words

kuroi akumu: black nightmare

Today Claudia, one of the founding members of the dVerse community, is prompting us to write about our emotions, about how we feel – not the feelings of the world, other people – but how we feel and to avoid using generalities. 310 more words

General Poetry


The cake on its plate looks at me
its chocolate tears dripping
pooling at its base

I look at the city
A citadel cake, its wafer towers kissing the sun… 104 more words


Character Spotlight; Dritt.

Mr. Downward Spiral. He started out as a spy for Laird Drac Cray but quickly rose through the ranks until he was known as Griff’s right hand. 75 more words

Character Prfiles.

Nightmares and Dreams

I do not know if I’d feel the same, if some
Day I found out that this was a dream, but they do say
That sometimes all we have is a mind drowning in itself that the… 409 more words



I have been having nightmares lately.

A flood. Everyone I have ever known, gone.

A post-apocalyptic world, where no one seems to know me.

The world I know, but somehow, I am invisible to everyone. 172 more words

Brown Chick Confessions

"The Job"-A Real Nightmare!

I’m quite confident many people in various occupations on occasion have dreams, and not of the good kind, about their job.

This is probably associated with having a very stressful job, where you’re multi tasking all the time; and/or your co workers are idiots, and/or your boss is an asshole. 733 more words