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10 interesting facts about dreams

1) Surprisingly, your body is virtually paralyzed during your sleep – most likely to prevent your body from acting out aspects of your dreams. According to a… 549 more words

"You look tired."

What a lot of people don’t know, but that I’ve been more open about lately, is in addition to my other mental health issues (major depression, anxiety + social anxiety, and now apparently borderline OCD), I also have insomnia and a nightmare disorder. 314 more words

Random Status

postcard 3 / 3 - knees, nightmares,...

….. my knees have remained an issue of weakness that I am healing from. Knees represent our ease of flexibility moving forward. HA! and ouch!  Flexible has been uncomfortable and sometimes downright knocked me down to give up on the couch. 88 more words

Young Living

Snuggled Nightmares

Another nightmare
wrapped inside of a dream
snuggled into a nightmare
My throat burns from screams
as he tries to drown my
protests with his… 153 more words


postcard 2 / 3 - knees, nightmares,...

..… today I woke with the most innocent peace. I was taken to the memory of greeting the morning as a trusting child. “Nothin’ but net… 146 more words

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Journal and your deamons 

​I’m very happy with who I am, what I was, and who I will be. Even in my worst nightmare I survived you. I almost lost my career and put our kids on the line because of your hate and anger but I rose above that. 45 more words

Adults Have Nightmares Too Right?

Here lately I have been hard at work. I won’t lie, I have two day jobs on top of being a terrible blogger and an aspiring author. 462 more words