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Fighting Night Terrors

Have you noticed that night terrors are a part of your existence?  Do they creep into your peaceful slumber and then keep you up for hours?  464 more words

Me Too

The Nightmares

I’ve been so busy and life has been so crazy I didn’t realize that I stopped having nightmares.

Until last night.

They’re back.

I don’t know why but it really fucking sucks.

Nightmares 'unusual for her'

She rarely dreams because she rarely sleeps.
Dreams are not meant for her while she sleeps, she dreams with open eyes. If she sleeps, nightmares knock her door. 304 more words


never been troubled with nightmares
but no one has ever believed me
my mind wanders off down other trails
paying little attention to anything
there is nothing left to do but follow… 48 more words


"Layers Part 7" by Kaine Andrews

Part VII

When I’d come in my dreams, I’d always assumed the blank spots, the skips that broke the sense of a cohesive narrative, would be resolved if I actually ever found the place. 1,434 more words


Parker Steven Jackson, Nightmare Fuel Artist

Parker Steven Jackson is one hell of a horror artist.

I love this drawing because the creature in it is so archetypal–the unconscious thing that stalks our nightmares. 87 more words


knowledge is power

Take a lesson
make it quick
this one
you should not forget
pay attention
get it right
soon you’ll need this
simple guide
soon you’ll have to go… 49 more words