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Daydreams and Nightmares, Mental Illness and the Outdoors

“They’ve promised that dreams can come true – but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too.” – Oscar Wilde

I often daydream of learning how to multipitch big walls, to one day become a speck on the face of an enormous mountain. 503 more words


The Evening

I can and have plotted out my life so far. I drew a time-line, scribbles of notes everywhere, taking account of the moments I can’t forget. 617 more words


All-Time Terrors

One cigarette after the other,

the coffee pot is empty again

Damn this must be the end of me

I looked past the buildings,

away from the city lights, … 142 more words


Melancholia: Nightmares, Colors, and the Failures of Wealth

In Lars Von Trier’s film Melancholia, a rogue planet (named “Melancholia”) suddenly appears from behind the sun and hurtles through space on a collision course with planet Earth. 982 more words


The Dance

The Dance – Written by Alexander X. Laymen


Like a majestic beast flaunting my skill I danced to the music that played in my head as I flung him to the ice. 87 more words


Latest Spurts: Building dragons and being a classical/rock star

February 24, 2017

By Ekta R. Garg

Enjoy these Spurts from these last two weeks, readers!

While the girls have grown up enough that regular 3 a.m. 885 more words

Kids Growing Up

Hello Friday - now go away 

First things first – accountability – I bought scratchcards. I did win a fiver, but entirely not the point.

Good now that’s outta the way. 158 more words

My Mental Illness Journey.