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Those were the nightmares

The stars warned me about.

Save them in the corner of repression

Just before I wake up.

What are nightmares?

You might ask me tonight. 19 more words


PTSD and a day in May

My nightmares haven’t been as bad the past couple weeks: in fact I think I went a whole week without any. I still have intense dreams without the nightmares, but I can live with those. 236 more words

Dealing with PTSD-related nightmares

Nightmares can be one of the most stressful symptoms of PTSD. When you aren’t getting a full night’s rest you’re more likely to feel anxious, irritable and have depressive feelings. 587 more words


Article #4 - Nightmares

Here’s a new article, about nightmares! I hope you will enjoy~! 267 more words


Right Foot Wrong

Researching for a new book can throw up some surprising stories. As an author, I’m constantly looking for unusual ideas and finding treasure like this is a joy. 2,339 more words

So done

I feel very lethargic in myself. I had some unpleasant dreams last night about being pursued by an aggressor in a dark, empty retail outlet. The store had once sparkled with light and heaved with stock, but now lay in disuse. 195 more words