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La Regina di Ombra e Luce

Many Faces of the Queen Collection
Photographer of stock image: female anatomy for artist 
Digital Editing and Painting by Lente Scura
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Her Equilibrium Was Disrupted (Phrenology Bust)

Dr. Adams P.O.V.

As I sat there reading my notes and listening to the recordings from our sessions, it was apparent that during Maria’s time with the nuns her present day fears received a powerful reinforcement from memories that stretched far back into her childhood. 991 more words

Visual Goodbye

Into The Dark

I’m back in this place again. Except this time, I am already past the black rosebushes outside, the enormous entrance, that red velvet couch and matted floor, to the base of the stairs. 719 more words

I’ve been very lucky with the support I’ve received today. I messaged Natalie last night telling her what day it was today, but she already knew. 296 more words

Emotional Wellbeing

3 years ago today, you fell in love with me.

3 years ago today, you texted me saying ‘good morning princess aurora’. 3 years ago today, you said you were ‘picking something up’ for our date. 429 more words

Emotional Wellbeing