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When He Haunts My Dreams

Dreaming about my abuser is the worst. I hate that he still invades my mind. Whether it’s reliving a traumatic experience, or dreaming about present day events, it’s always hard. 85 more words


Awake at 4am

The nightmares don’t go away. They settle into the night alongside the sounds of gentle snoring and the shifting water off the darkened fishtank. Nighttime is loud, and ominous; not for the darkness, but for the stillness. 216 more words


Three AM

Dear Caroline,

It’s 3 am. I’ve barely spoken to you today. Minimal texts, a five minute phone call.

I can’t sleep.

I lay here in the dark, rolling from side to side, trying to find a position comfortable enough to fall asleep in. 410 more words


tossing and turning the night away

its 5 Am and I’m still up. I cant sleep. I’ve been on the internet, because lying there thinking, was just not good for me mentally. 158 more words



Bad Dreams

Driving into the darkness

The fog closes in around me

I see nothing but pitch black

But I’m still moving

I look for a way to stop… 124 more words



Edge of your seat folks!
More like edge of the bed
Live screaming
Live streaming tears
Talk about true horror
It’s so loud
Too loud… 255 more words



So here is the second dream that I had last night…

I am at the middle school with my boyfriend because we are to watch the building at night.   317 more words