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Have you ever had Nightmares that feel straight out of a movie?

Once again I had nightmares. The same style of nightmares as last night. I could smell death. 159 more words

General Nonsense

NIGHTMARE - Bloody Lip

In the book that I mentioned in my last post, it said that psychics can actually receive ailments from those who’ve they’ve come into contact with. 253 more words


Possession in dreams

The following is a draft section of a new book to be published later this year, Morpheus speaks: The Book of Dreams” (RJ Cole, 2018). 461 more words

18. They

They could be anywhere,

Looking at you, huddled in the shadows.

Or you could be looking at one right now,

Keep looking and they might smile, baring their yellow teeth. 269 more words


jumping juniper

Do I hear a screeching? Yes that’s No it’s more a squealing–in the back of my brain spilling out into the hallway shit that’s really high pitched It’s that fucking alarm clock that’s always in army time and was just the other day set oh-hundred hours at the kid’s bedtime and I reset it and rechecked it but now it’s squealing to invoke all the temper tantrums from the depths of hell right now all at once, just for you: Open your door right when your daughter walks in so you startle her but blithely say What the hell, that stupid alarm clock–we’re not going to worry about setting it, you’ll wake up when you wake up, and she with her braid still wrapped tight reinstalls herself under the dark floral bedspread and says OK.

A Restful Day

Today is going to be a day of – hot coffee and cocoa and tea, old books to finish, and snuggling in my wool squish. There. 209 more words

I still...

I still have nightmares. I wake up in confusion and cold sweats unable to distinguish reality from the dreams. I see figures in the dark, they move and motion towards me. 182 more words