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Over the last year, I have had to make all bakery items from scratch because most companies that offer gluten free bakery goods use potato starch.   265 more words

Nightshade Free

'Sweet' Potato Salad

I have recently been diagnosed with a sensitivity to anything in the nightshade family: Tomato, Tomatillo, Eggplant, Potato (excluding sweet potato) Peppers (includes hot and sweet varieties as well as spices like paprika, chili powder, cayenne, and Tabasco) Pimento, Goji berry,  Tamarillo, Cape gooseberry/ground cherry, Pepino, Garden huckleberry. 152 more words

Baby Boomers

Wish You Were Mizuna

A title that makes no sense? You must be new here.

Oh-ho, heh heh heh. Four hehs and a smoothie to boot. Yup, a quick post with a new recipe. 371 more words

Gluten Free

When Is A Banana Not A Banana?

Answer: When it’s a plantain! Bet you knew that already didn’t you? Clever thing you!

And if you don’t already know, a plantain, or cooking plantain, is one of the less sweet cultivated varieties of the genus Musa whose fruit is also known as a banana. 707 more words

Vegetarian Recipes

Filbert? No, This is Jack

Nondescript apple purée, pots and tins scattered about. Perfect.

I just have to say that there are a lot of really wonderful people out there, not that I ever doubted it, but after posting the award post below I was hit with a wave of goodwill. 731 more words

Gluten Free

Roasted Cod Fishcakes

First of all let me tell you these didn’t start out as fishcakes! There’s no point in pretending. They were supposed to be whole cod fillets, roasted with garlic but here’s what happened . 521 more words


One Year

Well  –  I made it to another milestone.  Yesterday marked 1 year since the last time I got sick.  I actually went one full year.  2 years ago, I never thought that would be possible again.   167 more words

Nightshade Free