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Be Bloody, Bold, and Resolute: Thoughts on Continued Weightloss

Hmmm? That’s about murder? Well, yeah, um, I murdered fat me? No? Gentle reader it’s Shakespeare, so hush. I know people whine about reading Shakespeare, but I enjoy it. 683 more words

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Delicious: Crunchy Cutlets

I don’t know about you but recently I have been watching Simply Nigella on BBC2. I quickly discovered that I would need a notebook and pen while watching and it was best to record it so I could keep going back to make sure I jotted everything I needed. 180 more words


Free-From Baking: That Great Big Bugbear

Bugbear: A fearsome imaginary creature, especially one evoked to frighten children. Yeah, I’d hate me too, but it seems fitting so we’ll go with that. I’m not one of those all that comfortable offering words of wisdom, partly because I don’t want to appear to be boasting of my brains like Baum’s scarecrow and like him my head might just be stuffed with straw, but there are occasions where I feel that maybe all I’ve been seen and done may be of benefit to the greater, maybe the minor, good, if only to myself in making extra use of all the effort spend on this journey. 915 more words

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Quinoa Flour Treacle Bread

I had it in the oven and then remembered I wanted to photograph the batter.

I had some Buckwheat and Flax bread to make so I decide to try something new alongside an old-faithful recipe. 525 more words

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A Lull in the Kitchen and Jack Appears

Slip in and out easily on these old meat trays. Recycling continues.

If you’ve ever clicked the gardening tag then you know who Jack is, if not, then what are you waiting for?! 1,185 more words

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#NightshadeFree Chili

We have chili.  I love snow, but when you live in the south, 1 inch shuts EVERYTHING down.  So then you are stuck inside (I mean, you can go out, but nothing is opened which is crazy for the amount we go). 462 more words

Nightshade Free

Chestnut Flour Crumble

This is a “crumble” as I knew it growing up. Oats never factored in, nor did I ever eat a what some call a crisp. This is a crumble and this is my stand. 257 more words

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