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Sunday desert: Mint cheese cake with a crispy sweet potato base and a apple glaze on top.

Here is another desert that I have created for a Sunday treat, to feed starved pudding beasts like myself. I have used very simple ingredients, but still a slice seemed enough, as somehow tasted quite rich. 382 more words

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Tagliatelle noodle stir fry, with carrot and dill sauce

The other day I had to eat out with work colleagues, I say eat, when in-fact there was nothing for me to eat, so I had to sit and watch them eat moorish tagliatelle pasta with cheese and all sorts of other yummy ingredients. 299 more words

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Supper: chicken pieces with sweet potato halves, roasted courgettes with a fig and pomegranate sauce

The menu I have created is very simple and easy to make, with moorish flavours blending well together, making you want to eat till you burst with shame. 243 more words

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Smooth Jams and Produce's Purpose

Geranium, squash adjacent.

We’re going on a meandering maunder, a purposeless pontification, I am Jack of all the words. You are Reader the Dearest. Today we talk of food, grub, victuals, provisions, of the thing we all need. 1,318 more words

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Raspberry Jelly

There’s no waste as the pulp went into the compost

I’m still learning how to properly make Jam, dear reader, but I think at this stage I’m willing to share a recipe with you and I feel confident that you’ll have success with it. 879 more words

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Playing With Pictures

A bonus post today, dear reader, I’ve finally bought a new camera. A bridge camera, to be used exclusively on bridges. No? Okay, I’m know, it’s what I’ve been looking for for a while. 210 more words

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Breads Here Revisited Part 2: Quinoa Flour Bread

Waltztime. I’d swear it was supposed to be a different colour.

I did the introductions in part one, dear reader, so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven if I just skip straight to the bread this time. 700 more words

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