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Chia Egg and Buckwheat Flour Five Months In

Give or take. Just a quick post, this is one of those failure posts. Well, it’s only a slight failure. I was making a triple batch of… 689 more words

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Banana Oat Bread

Be bold, bloody and…wrong post.

Since this is a slight deviation from the norm I’ll deviate too and be irreverent, no not irrelevant!, facetious, no poop jokes!, and, hmmmm? 623 more words

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3 Tips to Nightshade free lunches

Having a nightshade free diet can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  Most of the time, at home, I can cook something from scratch, including the sauces etc.  354 more words


Buckwheat Sesame Cookies

Halved from Buckwheat Flour Flavored Cookies

I’m afraid I have to admit something, two things rather. Firstly I underestimated this recipe and secondly I don’t do well with fiddly things. 640 more words

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I measured out the seeds but forgot about the loss of volume when grinding.

Yeah, I used 150g, but go for the 200g for about the same amount as store bought tahini. 476 more words

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Almond Butter

You knew this was coming. Because I told you a lot.

I was in the garden for a lot of today, but I knew I had to make this so here we are. 526 more words

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Herbal Chicken Flatbread (Nightshade-Free, Blood Type A Friendly)

This recipe is one of my favorites! When I decided to become more nightshade-free and follow the blood type diet, I thought my meals would become very “bleh” but the more I experimented with foods that are good for me – the more I surprise myself! 223 more words