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Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Skillet Bread

Original recipe from: 84th&3rd

Funnily I was going to make this back when I had the cheap quinoa flour, but it never happened. I do have trouble with yoghurt in baked good or alongside too many other ingredients, I’m getting better at tolerating it thankfully. 653 more words

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This Is How We Rustic

Smoothie muffins? There may just be something in that.

Hey there, Little Buddy. I’m going to jump to the end here again. I messed up and ended up with muffins stuck to the liners again. 737 more words

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Wherefore art thou Jack?

Update: Just received word about the mystery squash. They have no idea, it could be anything. So we wait until it fully grows and hope it isn’t huge. 1,790 more words

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Why Is That Squash Called Cyril?: A Rough Guide to Squash Growing

The first of this year’s Winter Squash.

Round courgettes, which are Summer squash.

I was considering writing a guide about squash growing, but I’d have liked it to be comprehensive, and it wouldn’t. 3,502 more words

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Don't Eat The Horse

The first harvest. An early one too. Nothing to do with the post but: Squash!

(This was going to be a series of Tweets, but I got carried away) I think coming up to the four year mark of sustained weight-loss that there’s one thing I think is worth discussing. 404 more words

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Jack and I

The little one I spotted, the larger one I had no idea about. Great gardener, eh?

I often feel like these posts are similar to a multi-book series, not that I claim any great literary skills, no, it’s just that they often connect and I never know how much of a preface I should add. 540 more words

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Delicious: Rainbow stir fry

This weekend has been manic for me, arriving home from a week in Florence there hasn’t been much time to meal plan. I settled for a quick and easy stir fry for my lunches. 57 more words