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A Candid View on Weight-loss...No, Not Candy!

I’ve been ruminating on weight-loss again, dear reader. You may not know how this usually goes, but a basic summation is this: I wonder. I consider. 2,060 more words

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Rice and Buckwheat Flour Pancakes

I forgot the photo. I had to take them out of the freezer to take this. You can sorta see the thickness. Not massive, but better than flat. 381 more words

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Buckwheat and Amaranth Flour Scones

19th October Update: Just a quick note: They tasted even better after a few hours, which is the reverse of the usual way these turn out. 829 more words

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Buckwheat and Amaranth Flour Bread

19th October Update: The bread was even better the second day. The crust softened and lost that hard crumbly edge. I wanted to keep it longer, but, you know, I ate it. 842 more words

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Pumpkin Curry

 So much sauce. Just the way it should be.

You know I sometimes drive myself crazy trying to tell if I should post a recipe. All of these recipes are presented as I use them. 770 more words

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Sorry About Your Buckets

I’m sorry about your buckets, you had it pretty rough
Cutting out the bottoms, never deep enough

I’m slowly losing any sense of decorum, we’re now at the parody lyrics stage. 1,009 more words

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Amaranth Flour and Yoghurt Flat Breads

Freshly ground flour. “For freshness?” Nah, I just can’t buy it.

Ah, amaranth flour, or rajgira flour. Favoured in Indian cuisine…Hah! Got ya! You thought I was going into a generic spiel about amaranth flour, with smug overtones when I speak of Indian cooking as if I’m some expert. 496 more words

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