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The Good Of The Garden

The snowball turnip was fine. Really beautiful white, but still just a turnip.

New shoots keep popping out in random places. I have to keep moving the stones. 751 more words

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The Tale of Five Carp

I have taken too many photos, Dear Reader, so I’ll just lump them together. It is amusing to think that not that long ago I would be unable to access my blog on my dial-up connection, one photo would’ve taken minutes to load. 656 more words

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Instant Pot "No-mato" Sauce

From headaches to rashes, nightshades are well known to wreak havoc for some individuals.  If you are researching this for the first time, Dr. Axe is a great resource on  522 more words


Health Food Becomes Food

Hey, Dear Reader, no heatwave yet, we had a slight storm and some heat, so if it gets hot the soil is starting off moist which is good. 566 more words

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What Little You Saw Of All I've Ever Tasted

How delicio *Chokes*

Hmmm? Yes, that title is stupidly pretentious and no, this isn’t a deep piece. It isn’t even a piece, just a jumble. I’m just messing with you a little, Dear Reader. 586 more words

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For The Hate of Food

It’s hard to imagine, Dear Reader, that I’m coming up to the one year anniversary of my abdominoplasty, I’ve been through so much before and after, I know that someday I’ll be sitting here remarking how strange it feels to be over all the remaining surgeries, for now I wait. 683 more words

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Barrows of Basil, Buckets of Salad

The other buried planters work so well as a border.

Discount shops are so good, so so good.

Buying early in trays is better than buying later in an expensive single pot. 722 more words

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