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Amaranth Flour Peanut Butter Biscuits

I was left wondering if they’d even bake.

I was reading a book that explored the idea of the little parts of our personalties that make up the whole, the ego, or whatever, the id? 769 more words

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Amaranth Porridge

Memory’s a funny thing. I remember where this photo was from two years ago and I can’t recall last week clearly.

Just splitting this off from the main… 278 more words

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Sweet Mango Curry

Ah, curry, well nightshade free curry. Still, curry is what I’m saying. Curry.

I just popped off for some rooibos tea and to tear the neighbours teabags. 789 more words

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Amaranth Flour Crackers

One for a three year test and one for this recipe

Ah, my artisanally-inclined reader, we have here rustic, freshly ground amaranth flour. Rustic because it wasn’t perfectly smooth and freshly ground because I’m not buying it when I have the seed and a coffee grinder. 694 more words

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Buckwheat Flour and Purée Scones

Update 16 September 2016: They freeze perfectly and taste even better the second day.

I wonder if this will work. *Sticks hands in*

I feel as if I’m apprenticing at… 990 more words

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Carob Oreos

It looks like a failed cooking experiment in a cartoon.

It’s me again, Dearest reader, with a new recipe. Aren’t you…THESE ARE DOG BISCUITS. I’M SORRY! 1,089 more words

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One Billion Recipes Later: A Brief Post on Finding Suitable Recipes

I often wonder how other people search for recipes. I’ve often remarked that I’m always on my lonesome when it comes to, well, all of this. 1,141 more words

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