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Fruit Tart

From The Heal Your Gut Cookbook.

1 c. crispy nuts (I used 1/3 almond, 1/3 cashew and 1/3 pecan)
1 c. unsweetened shredded coconut… 51 more words


Nightshade Free Chicken Fajitas

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Time to come clean: this recipe is really more Mr. Nomato’s than it is mine. He’s been making this since before we met! 682 more words

Nightshade Free

Lunch of the Week: Week 5

Happy Friday! Okay, this week it’s very obvious, so I’m just going to address it. Yes, I send my husband off to work in a hospital with pink, tea-cup shaped silicone muffin baking cups. 115 more words

Nightshade Free

Maple Bacon Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Another big hit at our Easter dinner was this dish.  Mapley sweet with baconey saltiness.  It was amazing.  Scott is still talking about it almost two weeks later!  545 more words


Chocolate Birthday Cake

I got a request from an old roommate the other day. She has a birthday coming up and was hoping for a chocolate cake recipe made with ingredients she could actually eat. 240 more words


Pullet Egg Buckwheat Tortillas

How could I resist such a ridiculously pretentious title? It’s just a small egg, but calling it a pullet egg makes it sound like something fantastical instead of just something that fell out of a chicken’s bottom (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t not type that!). 190 more words

Gluten Free

Taste The Rainbow

I’m sure by now that we’re all familiar with this Skittles slogan.  But did you know that it’s a great idea to take the candy’s marketing advice? 800 more words