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Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

I eat a lot of chicken. I like chicken. But I find myself making the same chicken dishes over and over again. Then I get tired of chicken. 685 more words


Healing diet for Psoriasis

I know that every doctor you have spoken too will tell you that psoriasis is not connected to your diet and the only way to improve your symptoms is to fill your body with cancer drugs and chemicals. 380 more words

Morning's Widow

No hue ‘mid

Fifty shades of gray

She’s darker

Pale alone

Entombed by nightshade mem’ries

Morning’s widow veiled



Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

As the alpha-female of the Nightshade pack, it’s Calla’s duty to unite with the alpha-male of the Bane pack, Ren Laroche, and rule a new pack of werewolves—known as Guardians—to protect the sacred areas of the Keepers. 759 more words

Book Reviews

"Truth, terrible truth! Yet without it, how can one make sense of life’s madness?" // Review of "Nightshade" by Maryrose Wood

Title: Nightsahde (Poison Diaries #1)
Author: Maryrose Wood (based on a concept from the Duchess of Northumberland)
Genre: YA/Historical fantasy
Date Read: 21/06/2016 – 24/06/2016… 253 more words


Flower of the Day - Nightshade - 28 June 2016

Flower of the Day with Cee – Nightshade

Lots of pros and cons for this plant including poisonous. I will just enjoy its little purple blossoms and move on.

Why Capsicums & Eggplants Are Not Paleo

Foods Native to South America – Difficult to Digest

Capsicums (bell peppers in the US) and their relations, chilies are native to South America. So too are eggplants (aubergines) – plus potatoes and all types of tomatoes. 281 more words

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