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[TF] Tricks of the Trade

“Starscream, don’t look now, but it’s your favorite trainwreck.”

Starscream cycled his optics and twisted around, peering over his shoulder. Just past his right wing, he could see exactly what Sunstreaker was talking about, and a sigh hissed from his vents. 9,489 more words


Nightshade Cover Reveal

A few days ago I revealed the concept for my next book. So far it is making pretty good progress, reaching just over 61,000 words so far, which is about the size of each of the Lycorp books and the first Patience. 200 more words

The Everlast Saga

Wednesday Wanderings:A Colder Cold, Become Mentally Strong, Tomatillo Fossil, and Winter Photo Slideshow

And you thought Winter in New England got cold!:

Scientists Make Colder Cold

We can all use some mental strength now and again. Here are four ideas based on the philosophy of Stoicism that may help: 305 more words

Web Links

The Import Report -Ace Attorney and more otome games!

I liiiiiive!

The end of December was the perfect storm of Christmas preparations and health issues, which made it hard to sit down and focus enough to write a blog post. 693 more words


Poison Ivy: 5

Nightshade is an enigma of a child.

She grew into an evil child. You would think I would have some control over that, that I would be able to choose or something, but for a Creator I have very little power. 656 more words

Poison Ivy

The Eagle Has Landed

Or – more specifically – the Eagle now has room to land! The map rescale for American Truck Simulator dropped in on Monday; one week after Vive la France! 551 more words


Poison Ivy: 3

Are you complaining, Juniper? About those beautiful babies?

True, true. The twins are loud. Probably something to do with their namesake—no one named Nightshade and Rosary Pea (Rosary for short), two of the deadliest plants in the world could be easy to raise. 447 more words

Sims 4