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DAWN'S TALE -- A Brand New Novel by NICHOLAS KNIGHT and Book #1 of the NIGHTSHADE Series Now Available

Reuben Ian Peterson, a severe sufferer of porphyria, is admitted to a Virginia mental hospital, after attempting to self-mutilate.

While there he meets and falls passionately in love with Dawn Moon, a promiscuous, 18-year-old Native American, who believes herself to be a wolf and once cornered, shows there is more to her animalistic nature than meets the eye. 133 more words

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Nightshade | Dupree Young

Dupree Young. August 2015. Nashville, Tennessee.

[ The chemical nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants called nicotiana tabacum. 20 more words


"You're Her Sidekick-in-Crime."


“Why are you staring at me, Madam? I know I’m attractive, but, well, this seems a little excessive.”

“I’m thinking.”

“Dangerous past-time, that.”

“Don’t sass me.” 131 more words


Nightshade - Andrea Cremer

If you’re book obsessed like me, then you’ve definitely gone into a book shop not really sure of what you’re looking for, searched the shelves, read a couple of blurbs – maybe even the first page and then you’ve taken a chance and bought the book. 758 more words

Book Review

Bittersweet Berries

These bittersweet berries look so pretty. The way things look on the outside, however, can be deceiving.

This plant is also known as bitter nightshade and it is toxic to humans. 12 more words


7 years

Chapter 1: 7 years

“Mama, why do we have to do this?” Sylvr Willow sighed, letting the crystal fall to the table.

“I’ve told you my love.” Eternity tucked a strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear, smiling softly. 704 more words


minor update #8

Little news! :(

But, did a little bit with sprites tonight… Just one actually, but kept editing it trying different characters.  Any characters I keep will obviously get more work done.. 13 more words