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Midnight Bun Run

Tonight I was just settling down to some work involving spreadsheets (you know, relaxing before bed) when I heard an odd chirping sound, like a bird had gotten stuck in the house. 290 more words



Okay, since I have spent this entire day trying to write a paper and actually have less of it now than I did when I began this morning, I am here to provide my own perspective on Sig Chi formal and also to discuss last night quickly. 729 more words


formalizing - take 2

I have just returned from yet another formal, this time not with the W&M Pre-Law society, but with W&M fraternity Sig Chi. The whole experience was a bit of a blur and after trying to match my dates (equally poor) drinking abilities and a lack of food you can imagine what happened. 487 more words



So yesterday/last night we had the pleasure of attending the formal of the William and Mary Pre-Law Society. And in the spirit of integrity we are going to censor all of the names of this post so that should these lawyers need a job, their prospective employers won’t find out about their crazy sojourn in Virginia Beach! 1,210 more words

Nighttime Adventures

on formal

“There was a lot of making out. It was all very casual.”

– Lee on formal

Nighttime Adventures


Seeing as Bella has been taking the reins the last few posts, I felt like I should also reflect on this shambley weekend as it is possibly one of the most hilarious yet. 409 more words

Nighttime Adventures

spring awakening

Yesterday I was so excited for formal that I literally woke up at 8AM raring to go and proceeded to spend more or less the entire day counting down the hours. 786 more words

Nighttime Adventures