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Between the Pages Issue #4: Venom: Space Knight & Night of the Monster Men 1 & 2

On this week’s episode of Between the Pages, Chris and Sean discuss Night of the Monster Men from DC Rebirth’s Batman and Nightwing. They also discuss a new comic from Marvel Comics called Venom: Space Knight. 11 more words


Nightwing #7: Rise of Raptor Part One Review

“RISE OF RAPTOR” part one! The Parliament of Owls wasn’t brought to justice like Raptor promised Nightwing—it was eliminated! Raptor’s methods have crossed the line and Nightwing goes to apprehend him.

367 more words

DC Rebirth - Character Designs - part 3

time to wrap up the DC Rebirth character designs here…again by carious artists…


Night of the Monster Men

So around the time when DC revealed that one of the first Batman cross over stories would feature Batman fighting against Kaiju which is something that off the bat I found gripping. 3,629 more words


DC Comics Reviews 10/19/16

Trinity #2

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman find themselves in the past, in Smallville, where they run into a young Clark and Jonathan Kent. Startled, young Clark flies off, and the trinity plus Jon have to find him. 1,210 more words


Akral Necrosis - Underlight - Loud Rage Music 2016 AB

It’s mid-October and Akral Necrosis have just released several days ago their second full length, “Underlight”, on the Romanian label Loud Rage Music. The follow up to… 870 more words

Album Reviews


Quite possibly my favorite comic book series!  1996 was a good year!  DiXoN and McDaNiEl must have been “IN THE ZONE” on this one!?  Because MAN! 68 more words