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Great Leap – £12
Freefall – £20
A Knight in Bludhaven – £5
On The Razor’s Edge – £9
Mobbed Up – £7
A Darker Shade of Justice – £9
The Target – £6

Graphics Novels

Perpetual Bitterness & Nightwing #30

I think I’m always going to be a little bit mad about the version of Nightwing #30 that we got and the version that Meghan Hetrick pencilled… 508 more words

DC Comics

Idea 2015-10-27 - AU Nightwing's Raven

I was daydreaming on my drive to work and decided to play with my favorite team.


Outline Format
“Please,” she begged. “Please don’t hurt me!” 2,066 more words

Teen Titans

Boy Wonder: The 10 Greatest Traits of Dick Grayson

As a die-hard fan of comics, I am constantly asked who my favorite character is, which I usually have to think about for a while. Any given day my answer may change, depending on my mood or what I’ve been reading, but most days the answer ends up the same; my favorite hero is Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing AKA Agent 37. 1,569 more words