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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Review ( Light spoilers ) 

I like to start with the bad as you may know my ,first problem with this movie is I don’t completely know when or in what dimension this takes place. 182 more words


Arkham Knight: Nightwing & The Penguin

It just wouldn’t be an Arkham game without that smarmy bastard Penguin out there doing what he does, which is being incredibly annoying. I hate the Penguin. 138 more words

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The New Boy Wonders - Establishing Robin in a world without Batman

I don’t envy writers who have to try to separate Robin from Batman. From his very first appearances in the 1940s, Robin’s relationship with Batman has always been characterized as one of a father and his sons. 899 more words


Review: Grayson #9

With Convergence acting as a convenient place to break from all which has come before, this most recent issue of Grayson represents the beginning of a new story arc.   393 more words


Batman Arkham Knight Review in Progress: Second Session

This morning/afternoon, I did not stop playing Batman Arkham Knight. The gameplay is addicting to say the least. Last night I picked up the game and wrote up a review for the first 10% of the game… 386 more words

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Batman #41 Review 

Power to the GCPD. Besides the fact that we have a new batman, the role of the GCPD took center stage in this issue. In a time where much of what you hear regarding the uniform and badge is about shooting deaths and police brutality, it was nice to see cops as a symbol of hope and security. 615 more words

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