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Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett

Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett

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Titans Hunt wrapped up last week with issue eight and addresses the status of The New 52’s original Titan’s team. 249 more words

DC Rebirth Preview

Every so often, comic books need to go through changes to keep things fresh for readers. Marvel just recently finished their Secret Wars story arc, which altered the Marvel multiverse by combining Earth-616 with Earth-1610. 688 more words


Fan Cast: Actors Perfect For A Comic Book Movie Role & Who They Should Play!

Hollywood is full of fantastic actors & actresses. The world of comic book shared universes is also expanding exponentially.  1,218 more words


Batman: Arkham Knight - Nightwing 'Shark Bait' AR Challenge Knightmare Difficulty (First Attempt)

Dom discovers Arkham Knight’s Knightmare mode and takes Nightwing back to the Gotham Docks to take down some more of Penguins goons.

Video Game

Dick Grayson

Within the Multiversity series, there is a story of Dick Grayson, the adorable li’l Batman of Earth-42, who faces off alone against an army of evil Sivana-bots with only the confused and foul-mouthed Batman of Earth-17 to help him. 11 more words

DC Comics

Batman: Arkham Knight - AR Challenge Map Series

Dom has been away from Gotham City for a few months but now he has returned there will be a reckoning.

Watch as he starts this new Challenge Map series with Nightwing on the ‘Shark Bait’ Map. 10 more words

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Batman VS Nightwing (Superbat)

This occurred during the “Superbat” storyline in the Superman – Batman comic series. Batman gained Superman’s powers after an attack by Silver Banshee.

From – Superman/Batman #55