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Nightwing #23 Review

Blockbuster’s brother asks for help from Nightwing. Will he give it to him? Can Nightwing cope with his superhero duties while finding a job and being there for his girlfriend?  247 more words


Preview: Nightwing #23

Nightwing #23

(W) Tim Seeley (A) Marcus To (CA) Paul Renaud
In Shops: Jun 21, 2017
SRP: $2.99

“Blockbuster” part two! It’s an all-out crime war in Bludhaven and Nightwing must confront an old enemy, Tiger Shark, if he wants any hope of peace. 48 more words


Nightwing Volume 2: Back To Blüdhaven Review

Nightwing Volume 2: Back To Blüdhaven

By Tim Seeley (Writer)

I received a free copy of Nightwing Volume 2: Back To Blüdhaven from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion. 315 more words

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Cosplay Wednesday for 6/21/2017

Here’s this week’s Cosplay Wednesday post! Hope you all enjoy!

Supergirl(no PS)++ by MolecularAgatha! :D http://www.deviantart.com/art/Supergirl-no-PS-687903137

Most everyone’s mad here by Yukilefay! ^_^ http://www.deviantart.com/art/Most-everyone-s-mad-here-593230724

Zatanna Zatara by KiraNoel! 63 more words

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Brotherhood of the Fist

DC Reading Orders – Brotherhood of the Fist (1998)

An order of martial artists called The Brotherhood of the Fist declares war of Green Arrow, Nightwing, and every other master hand-to-hand combatant in the world. 12 more words

DC Reading Orders

Titans TV Series Update

DC Entertainment is moving full steam ahead with production for the live action show Titans. We have already confirmed that shooting will begin this fall in Atlanta and now we also have a closer look at the character casting call sheet. 335 more words


Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying

DC Reading Orders – Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying.

Traumatized by the death of Jason Todd, Batman puts himself through a grueling mission for retribution. 273 more words

DC Reading Orders