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Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese are teaming up for a Joker movie!

Batman perhaps has the most prolific rogue’s gallery in all of comic mythology ranging from the earthy and seductive Poison Ivy, the squatty yet manipulative Penguin, the icy and ruthless Mr. 408 more words

Batman & Harley Quinn

BATMAN and HARLEY QUINN a refreshing update and nostalgic nod with a heavy dose of adult.

Batman and Harley had me at the title and I was even more excited when I noticed Kevin Conroy lending his voice once again to the Batman. 447 more words


Preview: Batgirl #14

“SUMMER OF LIES” part one!

Batgirl and Nightwing’s feelings for each other have always run deep…but is their bond built on more than Bat Family loyalty and a long-ago childhood crush? 56 more words


Review: Batman and Harley Quinn

I am a huge fan of DC Animated films. They are a brilliant balance of comic book mythology and mature stories that all fans can enjoy. 651 more words


"Yesterday's" Comic> Adventures In The DC Universe #14

Adventures In The DC Universe #14

DC Comics (May, 1998)

Superboy & The Flash: “Not Always To The Swift…”

Nightwing: “Bats”

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney… 482 more words

Yesterday's Comics


It’s the summer of 2017 and DC/Warner Bros. has fleshed out three animated movies. Justice League: Dark & Teen Titans: Judas Contract, the latter of which was fairly okay. 886 more words


Batman: Harley Quinn

DC continues to do really well with their animated movies. Their latest offering, “Batman and Harley Quinn” was another entertainingly good time. And they are definitely making the most of not having to worry about being a “kids’ cartoon” any more with their theatrical and Digital Video releases. 711 more words