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#7. Dick Grayson

Here’s a name even non comic fans should know, kind of because it is the subject of many jokes. Anyway, it’s Dick Grayson.

Origin: Again, most people know this so I’ll keep it short. 225 more words

Comic Books

Action 771 - Superman and Nightwing vs Intergang

Chuck Dixon, Pascual Ferry and Alvaro Lopez step in to handle Action 771 (Nov. 00), as Nightwing comes to Metropolis to get Superman’s help.

Intergang has been trying to set up shop in Bludhaven, Nightwing’s stomping ground. 86 more words

Action Comics

Comic Cover Of The Week: Convergence - New Teen Titans #1

This weeks captivating comic cover is; Convergence: New Teen Titans #1, this particular issue has a real nostalgic resonance for me, starring my personal favourite line up of this classic super team. 109 more words


The Titans #1

The Titans have quickly become my favourite superhero team, mainly for The New Teen Titans of the 80’s. However in 1999 a new Titans book was released, it wasn’t about teen superheroes (mostly) it was just called The Titans and ran for 50 issues. 999 more words



Here we are again, another comic book event, another DC event. Convergence!

Its week 2 of the two month event that shows the cities from some of DC comics most historically important and popular, covered with a dome and placed on a strange new planet (I think..) where the heroes from within are forced to fight to see which city will survive the… Convergence! 722 more words


A Reluctant Cosplayer: Part 1

Let’s start with a bit of honesty, to set the tone and all that. I’m not really a “blogger” or even an avid reader of blogs; I only really do it to support a couple friends I have that write a particularly awesome one. 426 more words


Batman Vs. Robin: Now with Color Commentary

So last week I provided live-streaming color commentary while watching Batman vs. Robin.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, my color commentary is essentially done in the spirit of… 69 more words