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Chris McKay Says Nightwing's First Draft Of Script is “Nearly Done”

Even though there are no apparent plans in Warner’s slate for upcoming DCEU films regarding Nightwing, the pre-production of the film is taking it’s time to deliver a film worthy of one of the most cherished characters DC Comics has to offer.  251 more words


Deathstroke as a Nightwing Villain

Arrow is often ridiculed – and rightly so – for trying to co-opt the Batman mythos and trying to make it fit with Green Arrow. This includes using characters and concepts primarily associated with Batman, like Helena Bertinelli and the al Ghuls; giving the lead character Bruce’s dark, brooding, obsessive personality that lightens up around his family; and so on. 826 more words


Olympians: Real World Superheroes?

The Winter Olympics are here, and it made me think of how they are the closest to superheroes we will ever see, until we get some Weapon X/Super Soldier Serum/aliens of course. 585 more words


Keiynan Lonsdale becomes a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow

It is official, Entertainment Weekly reported that Keiynan Lonsdale will be joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular! This comes after months of speculation on the future of Kid Flash in the Arrowverse since his departure from The Flash and the departure of Firestorm from the Waverider. 237 more words

Legends Of Tomorrow

Jessica Cruz Wants To Date Nightwing

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz downloads a dating app catering solely to super heroes, upon the recommendation of her partner Simon Baz. First superhero she thought, or hoped for, was none other than Nightwing himself. 30 more words


Heroes and Villains: February 9, 2018

There are mountains of snow outside the home office here in Cobourg, Ontario, but I’m at my desk next to a stack of trades, so it must be time for… 1,463 more words


Nightwing As An Exotic Dancer

Dick Grayson pretends to be an exotic dancer for a bachelorette party in order get inside a guarded building. Nobody ever said going under cover is an easy job. 11 more words