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Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 7

Terry rushed out of the kitchen straight into the garage without shutting the door behind him. He had barely turned the key in his BMW before he hit the gas. 1,178 more words


Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 6

Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP!

Grayson snapped his eyes open, desperately trying to gather his location in the surrounding darkness. He couldn’t move his neck, arms, or feet and a slight fear shot across his mind. 1,605 more words


#1452: Nightwing



I’ve had a bit of theme to my purchases as of late, so for the next few Fridays, I’ll be sort of transferring that theme to the site and taking a weekly look at DC Collectibles’ DC Icons line.  724 more words


Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 5

They landed just ten yards from Kehr. He was talking to a few of his men, going over what might look to be monthly club earnings. 1,272 more words


Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 4

“Are you even going to look at me tonight?”

Dana questioned Terry as she stared him down with her sharp eyes.

Terry, his eyes darting around the crowded restaurant, slowly realized Dana was talking to him. 938 more words


Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 3

The day went on like any other day for the Wonders. Each of them content with accomplishing their side projects, but eagerly awaiting the night to come upon them. 1,131 more words