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NIH Fairy Grants Your Wish for Unlimited A0s

In a new Notice, the NIH went beyond reversing its decision to eliminate the A2 submission to allow, in theory, unlimited A0 submissions of the same proposal (hopefully improved with each submission). 499 more words

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NIH FY15 Budget in Brief

The President made a friendly suggestion about how Congress might spend federal monies appropriated for FY15.

As shown in the Budget in Brief released by HHS, the additional $211M suggested for the NIH (bringing the appropriation to $30.4B) is not evenly distributed. 210 more words

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FY13 Funding Trends

In working on the book, I was disappointed that we could not get funding trend data for more ICs (10 of 24). Publishing the range of percentiles over which applications are scored versus funded allows applicants to see patterns of skipping awards at lower percentiles and how high an IC will go for select pay decisions. 382 more words

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NIH FY14 Appropriation in the Omnibus Appropriation Bill

From the summary for the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations:

National Institutes of Health (NIH) – The bill includes $29.9 billion for the NIH, $1 billion above the fiscal year 2013 level. 117 more words

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K99 Clarification

In announcing the re-issued career development parent announcements, the NIH highlighted significant changes to the K99/R00 program that bring much needed and appreciated guidance to applicants, particularly with regard to uniform expectations across ICs: 206 more words

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How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded

Although this cat is partly out of the bag thanks to DrugMonkey, I am pleased to announce that I finally committed to page some of what I have learned in working with academic researchers and the NIH for more than 28 years. 381 more words

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What Passes for Good News for the NIH

Although the shoutin’ is only about to begin, Senators Patty Murray and Paul Ryan announced a bipartisan budget agreement that would role back the FY14 sequester, which would be a huge relief for the NIH. 113 more words

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