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Make Yourself Fit Nike Ad Typography Review


The “Make Yourself Fit” campaign was started by Nike back in 2011. The campaign featured 7 incredible female athletes who displayed strength and passion in their sport. 328 more words

Reverse Engineer

Nike Ad - 1b Classwork

For this project I first included all of the elements from the brief that was given to us. I placed the headline at the top, centering it so it would be the focus of the ad. 163 more words


Nike Ad: Reverse Engineer

The ad (below) I found is from Nike for a special limited time Iron Man themed shoe. I found the image on Google Images.

Contrast:  385 more words

Reverse Engineer

The Future Was Yesterday Nike Ad Design Review


Nike was founded by University of Oregon alum Phil Knight. Over the years, billions of dollars have been donated to Knights former school, with some of the money being put towards the athletic department. 583 more words

Reverse Engineer

Nike AD Campaign Analysis

For this last project, we were asked to choose an AD from a company, analyze that AD, and create a new one that could go in the same campaign. 358 more words

Visua Media

Nike's Explosive Color

Reverse Engineered Image

I have color coded the key designs

  • Yellow = Contrast
  • Green = Repetition
  • Blue = Alignment
  • Purple = Proximity
  • Red = Color…
  • 173 more words

Design Principles in "Explosive" Action!


Nike tends to use stark contrast in most of their ads. When you want someone to look right at something, and get the best look possible, use intense contrast. 474 more words