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Activate Your Activism

“It’s important for me to empower other women, young and old to chase after their dreams, to not filter what they want to say, to not apologize all the time, to not soften their speech, to continue being assertive and that it doesn’t make them a “bitch” and to always be unapologetically themselves.

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Heissan heissan!

Tänään kävin perheeni kanssa Helsingissä ja shoppailemassa Hyvinkäällä Willassa. Mulle ostettiin Helsingin Piruetista uudet voimistelupöksyt. Ne on siis sellaiset, jotka on nyt meijän kaikilla joukkuelaisilla, ihanan rennot ja venyvät, joita voi käyttää esimerkiksi just treeneissä. 361 more words

Nike Free 5.0 Womens - Running (like) barefoot, who would have thought it was going to be such a hit?

My first two thoughts on the arrival, of Nike Free 5.0 was why? And how? The flexible mid/outsole with its split-up pattern was set to raise questions of durability and function, does it actually work as advertised? 240 more words

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