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If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
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The key is to commit crimes so confusing that police feel too stupid to even write a crime report about them. 223 more words

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Farmers are the only indispensable people on the face of the earth.
~Author : Ambassador Li Zhaoxing PRC Idaho Grain Fall 2000 p8 Famous Quotes… 222 more words

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Dream is not a revelation. If a dream affords the dreamer some light on himself, it is not the person with closed eyes who makes the discovery but the person with open eyes lucid enough to fit thoughts together. 651 more words

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Life is the childhood of our immortality.
~Author : Johann von Goethe Famous Quotes

Live to live and you will learn to live
~Author : Portuguese Proverb Inspirational Sayings… 636 more words

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This, then, is the state of the union: free and restless, growing and full of hopeSo it was in the beginningSo it shall always be, while God is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith… 422 more words

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Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others.
~sayings on Charm by John Mason Brown

Born free, taxed to death… 349 more words

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Gods are fragile things they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.
~Author : Chapman Cohen Famous Quotes… 787 more words