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Niki Ashton's twins came to work with her at 11 days old, and she says it's time for a change

Niki Ashton‘s twins attended their first public event at 11 days old.

Arriving on Halloween, just after the NDP leadership race wrapped up, Ashton’s babies were almost immediately — and necessarily — thrust into the political life chosen by their mother. 608 more words


NDP Leadership Hopefuls Debate in Ottawa

The first in a series of debates for the federal NDP leadership was held Sunday in downtown Ottawa with economic and environmental issues taking centre stage. 410 more words

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Canada: A little help please?

Please widely share and sign onto this petition  to the Government of Canada that will publicly recognize American efforts towards a single-payer, universal healthcare program. 253 more words


The NDP's problematic approach to justice

(Credit: Canadian Press)

Ask any Conservative to boil down the message of their party to a moral core and they’ll probably answer with one of two buzzwords: “liberty” or “freedom.” Similarly, the Liberal government has sought to govern since 2015 by their own pithy principle: “fairness.” 802 more words

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Jagmeet Singh easily wins race to become NDP leader

TORONTO – The Jagmeet Singh juggernaut began barrelling towards Parliament Hill on Sunday as the 38-year-old turbaned Sikh bounded past his three more experienced rivals and claimed a historic first-ballot triumph in the race to become leader of the federal New Democrats. 1,039 more words


NDP ELECTIONWATCH 2017: The Indifferent Layperson’s Guide to the 2017 New Democratic Party Leadership Race (2/2)

For the first instalment in the thrilling saga that is Canadian federal party politics, click here.  

Part Four: Where Do They Stand?

Alright, so now you know enough about these people to vote for them completely superficially based on physical appearance, life story, and how much you wanna sex them up good. 5,479 more words


New NDP leader could be picked as soon as Sunday

OTTAWA – The federal New Democratic Party’s gruelling search for a new leader could finally come to an end Sunday as party faithful gather in Toronto to hear the long-awaited results of the initial round of voting. 774 more words