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Feds admit more needs to be done to help domestic violence victims; Tories vote down national plan

OTTAWA – Heath Canada admits it needs to do more to help women and children who have been abused, including better training for doctors and “improved evidence” on what works to prevent domestic violence, newly released documents show. 695 more words


Firefighting cut to Saskatchewan reserve due to unpaid bills

Watch above: Two toddlers died in a house fire on a Saskatchewan First Nation Tuesday morning and no fire crews responded to the scene. Wendy Winiewski finds out why the nearby volunteer department didn’t answer the call. 601 more words


Status of Women Canada approved few projects focused on aboriginal women

OTTAWA — The federal agency that’s supposed to promote the equality and advancement of women has only approved a handful of projects in recent years that had anything to do with aboriginals. 591 more words


Kelly McParland: Abuse scandal in Ottawa shines a light on Parliament's hypocrisy

Even for people schooled in the many incongruities of Canadian government, this one is hard to get your head around: the three political parties that compete over who prizes women more, who most encourages women candidates, who is most fervent in seeking the elimination of prejudice against women — these three parties that collectively have won the vast majority of the seats in Parliament as long as anyone can remember don’t have a process for dealing with complaints of sexual abuse by Members of Parliament. 1,019 more words

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WiTOpoli Weekly: Friday, October 31

A roundup of some of the latest news in women, Toronto, and/or politics this week. What stories did you read this week? Tell us in the comments. 168 more words

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Conservative government grilled on 'spy agency' watching protesters

The Conservative government is defending its surveillance of public demonstrations throughout Canada, insisting that peaceful protests can sometimes become violent and pose threats to national security. 678 more words