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Nikki & Miley beef: Do you believe there's a bigger picture?

While you may not be the biggest fan of MTV stands for or the type of shows they air,almost everyone and their Mama knows knows of their prestigious Video Music Award Ceremony, which took place last Sunday night. 822 more words


I know better but....

Even though I know I’m playing into Big Media’s ploy…

Team Nikki for LYF.

This is a lesson to us all: “don’t run your mouth on shit you don’t know shit about.” #TrinigonfuckyouUP… 25 more words

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Nicki Minaj Gives Miley Cyrus The Death Move[VIDEO]

Yoooo did you see the VMAs last night when I say Nikki threw the kitchen sink at Miley Live on TV OMG….Still trying to find out why before the assumptions go flying but you know I got you check story for yourself. 57 more words