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Day 848: RASL: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla

Every once in a while, I dabble in graphic novels, without really knowing much about them. I’m not at all interested in the violent or superhero ones that seem to dominate the genre but in the more unusual ones. 272 more words


Tisza L. Miklós

A sukorói születésű Tisza Koppány és kedvese, a hithű keresztény Tisza Lobothómy Anna sosem titkolták magyarságukat, a legnehezebb időkben is kitartottak nemzetiségük mellett. Az üldöztetéseket, folyamatos megaláztatásokat is tűrték, nehéz időkben a Magyarok Istenéhez imádkozva tartották meg lelkükben a tisztaságot. 82 more words

Híres Magyarok

Years Before the First TV, Tesla Predicted and Helped to Develop the Smartphone and FaceTime

By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

On April 27, 1927, Bell Telephone and the U.S. Department of Commerce conducted the first long distance transmission of moving images between Washington D.C. 785 more words




Smiljan Village, Croatia

28 July 1871

“Hush, dear sister,” Nikola said, wagging a long finger at the youngest of his three sisters.  “The priesthood is not for me.  3,523 more words

Heads-Up On A Heads-Off

8 February 2016

Feast or famine – a pair of posts today. Too bad it’s not the 13th of October, the feast day of Saint Edward (that’s the Confessor, a man slightly more saintly than I). 511 more words


Nicola Tesla's Most Secret Invention

It’s a well known fact that Inventor Nicola Tesla‘s papers were seized by The Office of Alien Papers soon after this death on January 7th, 1943. 214 more words

Psychic Development

Museums, Nikola Tesla, and Tesla cars.

Everyone knows about Tesla cars. They are simply amazing and dreamy, their elegance, functionality, and the way they are introducing the future. That’s at least my opinion :) 302 more words