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be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born

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Who is Nikola Tesla? He has an electric car company and a rock band named after him. Legendary rock musician David Bowie even played the eccentric scientist in the 2006 movie “The Prestige.” Tesla had hundreds of patents registered in his name — yet he never won a Nobel Prize for his lifelong work with electricity The inventions and discoveries he made over his lifetime, particularly in the late 1800s, are the basis for much of our modern lifestyle. 474 more words

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The Nikola Tesla interview hidden for 116 years! ~ Feb. 12, 2017

Pretty amazing! My husband sent me an article I’m sure you will long remember reading. These are words spoken 117 years ago that sound as if they were spoken today! 5,209 more words

ODE I AERODROM: Vlada objavila: "Nikola Tesla" ide na koncesiju

Beograd — Vlada Srbije i kompanija Aerodrom Nikola Tesla objavili su Javni poziv zainteresovanim stranama za koncesiju beogradskog aerodroma, prenosi Tango Six.

Prema uslovima koncesije koja bi bila na 25 godina, u nadmetanju neće moći da učestvuju kompanije koje već upravljaju aerodromima u radijusu od 450 kilometara od Beograda – što znači da iz trke ispadaju kompanije „ADP“ kao i turski konglomerat „TAV“ . 169 more words


The secret of Nikola Tesla

For those who missed it, here is one of the best film about the life of Nikola Tesla.

The Secret of Nikola Tesla (Serbo-Croatian… 264 more words

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He Said That? 2/9/17

From Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), Serbian-American physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer “Radio Power Will Revolutionize the World” in Modern Mechanics and Inventions (July 1934):

The scientists from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories.

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