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VIDEO -- The AlterView - Masaki Miyagawa

by Third Eye Radio Network
May 19, 2017

Master craftsman and artist of energy transmuting pyramids Masaki Miyagawa joins Darragh to discuss his art as well as some esoteric and ancient knowledge swept under the rug over the centuries. 71 more words


Creativity - A Trait Characterized By Unexpected Timing

When life kicks you in the gut and makes you reevaluate your decisions, you think about whether you are what you claim to be in the first place. 547 more words

Reality Bites

We need a little more "steampunk" in our sci-fi/fantasy reading

Steampunk is defined as “a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” To me, it’s more than modern technology with a Victorian twist. 575 more words

Independent Author

Šta je Nikola Tesla doprinio fizici?

Trofazna struja

Trofazna struja je sustav triju izmjeničnih, sinusoidno promjenljivih električnih struja koje su vremenski jedna prema drugoj fazno pomaknute. To je najčešće korišteni oblik višefaznih sustava struja i napona, što je jedno od najznačajnijih otkrića Nikole Tesle i na kojem se danas temelji proizvodnja, prijenos, raspodjela i uporaba električne energije. 1,187 more words

Primjenjena Fizika

Fourth Book published to Amazon Kindle

This is the finale of the James Campbell Knight trilogy.  It’s so good to finally have this story complete and on paper or digital, just to have it out there and not just in my head.  102 more words


Overview of the Secret Space Program - Crunching the #'s ~ May 5, 2017

Ever wonder just what the letters “SSP” mean? Jordan Sather explaining many details about the SSP program that fills in the dots for us. Please watch this video, learn a lot about stuff we don’t know about, and…


A Forgotten Genius - Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was simply a genius, yet he died as a destitute, lonely and forgotten man in 1943. He was an idealist with the grand vision of… 1,036 more words