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Ao Longo dos Anos

Über Die Jahre / Over the Years (2015 – AUT) 

Engana-se quem olha para a Europa imaginando lá ser um mar de rosas do emprego e da vida financeira confortável. 244 more words


Our Daily Bread: A Documentary Review

Our Daily Bread (or Unser Täglich Brot in the original German) was directed and co-produced by Nikolaus Geyrhalter in 2005 and was first released in 2006 in Austria. 606 more words


Our Daily Bread (2005)

Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Our Daily Bread is a wordless, although certainly not soundless, exploration into the industrial farming system. It takes us onto the farms, into the slaughterhouses, throughout the food system that feeds billions but which many of us criticize for its damage to animals, humans, and the land. 497 more words

Aniversarea a 20 de ani de Festival Internaţional de Film documentar ASTRA se apropie

           Vino şi tu la Festivalul de Film ASTRA 2013, la Sibiu, în perioada 14-20 octombrie şi vei putea urmări filme de non-ficţiune, portret, eseuri sau documentare observaţionale din toate colţurile lumii, proiectate la marile festivaluri de specialitate sau laureate cu distincţii prestigioase. 610 more words


Our Daily Bread (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 2005)

Keep it as far away as possible, it will be more tolerable. Maybe. Almost nobody gets dirt on their hands nowadays. Everything must be aseptic. It starts with a worker spraying water on the floor to clean it from the blood of the carcasses that surround him and it ends with a worker disinfecting the room, after the blood has been spilled. 411 more words


T/F Day 2: Abendland

The hits kept coming at True/False Saturday, the third day of the fest. Columbia’s unparalleled enthusiasm is on full display, matching the excellent programming of the festival. 253 more words

Our Daily Bread (2005)

Award winning 2005 documentary directed, co-produced, and with cinematography by Nikolaus Geyrhalter. The film depicts how modern food production companies employ technology to maximize efficiency, consumer safety and profit. 35 more words