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Shooting with the D750

What am I doing with another DSLR? Aren’t mirrorless cameras undoubtedly the future? I think they are part of the future, because they offer certain advantages, particularly in terms of judging exposure through the EVF (electronic viewfinder). 2,076 more words


Evaluating Bokeh and the 3D "Pop" - (Part 1: Bokeh)

The Japanese term boke (ボケ), or the Americanized spelling bokeh, discusses the aesthetics of an image’s out-of-focus blur. The 3D “pop” describes the abrupt separation between sharpness and unsharpness that propels a focused subject on top of an unfocused background. 968 more words


Cade's Cove Trip 2014

A few days ago, my family and I went to Cade’s Cove within the Tennessee side of the Smoky Mountains National Park.  Let me start out by saying, if you’ve never been here you must put this on your bucket list.  247 more words

Nikon D600