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Monday Mercurial #49

Black-headed Grosbeak. Okay, everybody, Sing! Click for full size.


Night time

We got back to the chalet and as we were experiencing our first clear night, I decided to attempt night shooting again with the old camera. 65 more words


Cold, Snow and Babies

So, let’s see…hmmm.

Most people think of Africa as sunny and warm and for the most part that is so. It is certainly a fact that we do still enjoy a mild winter compared to some people around the world, but we do get winter…do you want proof? 185 more words


Fun animal finds and a milkshake

Driving along toward the camp we came across a pair of meerkats (suricates). They were busy foraging aound for food.

We saw some more elephants too, but for these I will share 2 shots, the trunk/tusks and tail…the front end swats away anything, including cars …. 293 more words


Terrapin, picnic and a kudu

As we drove along we came to a waterhole and saw a Terrapin attempting scaling up the edge…

He was obviously very determined but being a terrapin also very slow. 87 more words

Nikon D90

The Royal Society / 皇家学会 / Persatuan Diraja / 王立協会

The Royal Society in Central London.


Persatuan Diraja di Pusat Bandaraya London.


The society was founded 1660.


Persatuan ini didirikan pada tahun 1660. 99 more words