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Happy birthday, girl with the pearl earring!

Originally posted 12.2009

The girl with the pearl earring is my longtime and very dear friend, Karen. This past Friday was her 29th birthday (again). The years have been very kind to her—she is just as lovely today as she was when I photographed her so many years ago. 37 more words


First Color Darkroom Experience

I had my first color darkroom experience this afternoon. It was pretty exciting! It basically took me three hours and almost ten test sheets to print these three contact sheets… The whole point of the exercise was to get a hold of the material and find my way around in the dark. 48 more words


+ Film Photos on a Windy Day +

There sure has been a lot of wind lately…and not much surf.  Supposedly theres a nice south swell headed our way.  If the winds die down then Lowers will probably be pumping…I guess tomorrow morning we shall see! 58 more words

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+ Daily Routine +

No matter how busy I get, every day I remind myself to go outside for a little while.  Most days I either wake up at the crack of dawn for a surf session, or go out late in the evening right before sunset.   90 more words

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