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Tumbling Down

I always enjoy seeing the sandstone boulders and rocks in the Santa Monica mountains.  How do they get the way they are?  Who or what positioned them?   32 more words



Foxtails are the seeds of a local wild grass.  They are sharp and pointed, and manage to disperse themselves on the winds or by transportation.  They can work their way into your clothes without your knowing it, are uncomfortable against your skin, and seem to work their way into everything.   40 more words


Across the Valley

Oh, how much easier it would have been to get the view by road!  Instead, a steady uphill slog of about a mile, with twists and turns and changing views.   61 more words


Wild Morning Glory

This morning we went on a rather strenuous hike – up and down hills to get to an inland section of the Santa Monica Mountains.  I am not a fast hiker – rather plodding actually – because of a long history and experience with falls and broken bones.   22 more words


Neighborhood Store

Regular day of regular people at regular neighborhood store


All in a Row

We expect rain nearly every day for the next ten days . . .