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Another Walk on the Wild Side

Meetup groups can be a great way to make connections, to do and learn about new things.  Lately, I have been going on walks with the local… 465 more words


Beach Flowers

Out for a walk on a beach preserved by the Nature Conservancy, plant life in the dunes is amazingly diverse.


What We Leave Behind

In our world, wild areas are vanishing. Some animals can make it in more urban environments, like coyotes and raccoons, while others are pushed to the brink of extinction, if not actual extinction. 55 more words

Nikon V1

A Walk on the Wild Side

California is a land of contradiction.  Los Angeles sprawls 50 miles south of where I live, and yet there are wetlands nearby that serve as rest stops for migratory birds.   458 more words


On the Ferry

Ferries are alway interesting.  Coming, going, socializing, watching, wandering around, reading.  And then back into the car.  People collecting and then dispersing.  Thousands of stories to be told.


On the Big Screen

Nothing like graduation to make one proud!