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Pond Play (Three Photographs)

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This duck seemed to be playing more than just drying herself off. Reminded me of children at a splash pad. 53 more words


Food Photography

Today I’ve been in the studio again shooting images this time of food, Christmas food to be more precise. Again lighting is key to achieving desired results although one highly important factor in successful food photography for clients is the composition and how the food looks, it needs to look good enough to eat! 60 more words

A time-lapse at Tso Kar

Here is the thing about Ladakh, especially if you are travelling into the less touristy areas – the topography is quite barren and flat with no unnecessary distractions that make it quite the perfect place for some experiments. 369 more words


The Importance of Knowledge

I always hear the statement ”being in the right place at the right time is key” and let me tell you, I believe that to a certain extent. 148 more words


PhotoTom update...

I wanted to take a moment to update you all with what I am doing regarding PhotoTom. What started out as a school project has become something a little more and I have been enjoying it so much that I aim to continue with it even after school is finished. 80 more words


Why do we take pictures?

Why do we take pictures?

“Because the moment only lasts a certain amount of time and we want the moment to last longer.”


-PhotoTom 2017


Week 23: Socks


Alison’s image is coming soon.


These would have to be the best socks I own: always warm, the perfect fit, and self-cleaning.

Debbie… 128 more words