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Qacha's Nek: A pictoresque chat with a local

Please enjoy some snapshots from my leisurely walk through Qacha’s Nek. Qacha’s Nek is easily one of Lesotho’s most beautiful districts. The in town area has a bustle to it, and the people seem more accustomed to seeing foreigners. 567 more words


#4 Birkwood Hospital 2012

I found Birkwood Hospital by¬†word of mouth. I’d been speaking to a colleague when we’d driven past some¬†amazing wrought iron gates. I asked her what the road lead to, she explained that there was an old hospital that lay further down the track. 289 more words

#3 St. Michaels Graveyard 2011

I spotted a building from the M74, and made the decision that I had to find it and document it. I had google mapped it, and after 3 attempts, It was pretty tricky to navigate to, (after jumping over barbed wire fences and dodging cows!) I finally found it. 98 more words

#1 Cambusnethan Priory 2010

I visited Cambusnethan Priory in December 2010, when I owned my first digital camera, a Fujifilm Fine-pix. This visit is what got me interested in documenting abandoned buildings. 201 more words