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Staying at the Michelberger hotel, on a recent trip to Berlin, amongst an endless list of things that enabled that amazing city to woo me over, was the looped Michelberger live channel on the hotel TV. 38 more words


Music Unbounded

Sounds abound like rebounds in planetary orbits,

Glories befall all who clamour starward and

Divine is this path, uncovered is this music, aloud

With the rivens and wroughts of my ascendance. 60 more words


Nils Frahm: Solo

닐스 프람은 현대음악에서 독특함을 넘어 특별함을 가지고 있는 아티스트라고 생각한다. 제임스 블레이크가 소울이라는 장르의 영역을 상상을 훌쩍 뛰어넘는 범위까지 확장시켰다면, 닐스 프람은 전자음악과 클래식을 교배시켜 탄생시킨 그만의 스타일과 예술성을 통해 대중음악의 전체적인 지평을 확장시키고 있다고 할 수 있다.


Immerse! (Inspired by Nils Frahm)

I was disembodied. I rose and I saw. Such beauty I saw, such truth. A curling wisp, an essence, a revelation in sound. Revealing, repealing bells, chiming, rhyming rhythmic reason. 66 more words


Chosen One: Peter Broderick

Interview with Peter Broderick.

“As for the gift of music . . . I honestly don’t know what I would do without music. That’s impossible to imagine.” 2,800 more words


The Sunday Collection

The idea behind The Sunday Collection is simple: easing you into next week. Enjoy your week.

The Sunday Collection