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Japanese dish-Super Easy! Kabocha Nimono

Many people think Nimono requires lots of experience to master. Especially, when it comes to kabocha, you may have to be extra careful and pay lots of attention not to let it dissolve. 457 more words


Kindergarten bento - Meaty kajiki (28/Feb/17)

Menu: Simmered Kajiki (sword fish) on rice, Broccoli omelet, Stewed hakusai cabbage & daikon, Cucumber sticks

Strawberries & kiwi for dessert

The meat look alike kajiki is one of my daughter’s favorite dishes for her bento. 42 more words

Japanese 日本食

Kindergarten bento - Kajiki (30/Jan/17)

Menu: Simmered Kajiki (sword fish), Green bean omelet, Steamed broccoli, Rice with furikake, Carrot

Strawberry & banana for dessert

Japanese 日本食

Kindergarten bento - Bunny apple (23/Jan/17)

Menu: Kajiki nimono (simmered sword fish), Cucumber sticks, Sautéed spinach & bacon, Cherry tomato, Boiled egg

Bunny shaped apple for dessert

After the bento today, my clever daughter asked me not to cut out the apple in bunny shape anymore, because the apple skin contains a lot of vitamin c and very healthy. 29 more words

Japanese 日本食

NIMONO: The Best Way to Cook Kabocha

The nimono, or simmering, technique is by far my favorite way to cook kabocha squash. It also happens to be the fastest and easiest way. That’s a win-win situation, if I’ve ever seen one. 333 more words


Kindergarten bento - Nothing wrong with leftovers (8/Dec/16)

Menu: Simmered “kajiki” sword fish, Hijiki, Boiled broccoli and egg, Rice with sesame sprinkle

Apple for dessert

I cooked the simmered sword fish and hijiki last evening for dinner along with a couple of other dishes. 176 more words

Japanese 日本食

Kindergarten bento - Simmered sword fish (30/Nov/16)

Menu: Simmered sword fish, Stir-fried potato slices, spinach & bacon, Steamed broccoli, Boiled egg, Rice with sesame sprinkle

Bunny shaped apple for dessert

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