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Kindergarten bento - Frozen sword fish (30/Nov/17)

Last night I realised there was a pack of frozen sword fish filets in the freezer that I stored a couple of weeks ago. I decided to use it for my daughter’s bento in the morning, so I moved it to the fridge drawer so that it’ll get defrosted overnight. 64 more words


Kindergarten bento - Strained back (16,17,20,21,24, 28/Nov/17)

Earlier last week I strained my back, possibly due to overstretching at yoga class, or just overworking on my translation assignment in the same sitting position for hours. 188 more words


Kindergarten bento - Sword fish (28/Sep/17)

Menu: Simmered sword fish, Broccoli Omelet, Boiled green beans, Cucumber sticks, Steamed carrot, Rice

Tangerine mikan for dessert


Kindergarten bento - Leftover parade (26/Sep/17)

As spoiled as a child can be, my daughter told me the other day she wouldn’t want to eat the same thing from one day to the other. 50 more words


Kindergarten bento - Sword fish (8/Sep/17)

Menu: Simmered sword fish, Omelet, Boiled okra, Cherry tomato, Chopped boiled spinach mixed in rice

Kyoho grapes for dessert

I love the simmered sword fish… 99 more words


First New Year's in Japan

My, my, my what a year….oh wait. I meant to say what a crazy busy bunch of years we’ve had. Changed 4.5 houses, had two kids, moved to Japan.. 702 more words

Seafood And Fish

Kindergarten bento - Fresh start (Monday, 15/May/17)

Menu: Kajiki sword fish nimono, Boiled green beans, Sliced cucumber salad, Cherry tomato, Rice with scrambled egg on top

After having a super busy weekend participating in a “kimono” presentation show with my daughter this past Sunday, I was looking forward to going back to our normal routine and having a good, fresh kickstart of a week. 66 more words