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Even He Is The Eighth

Babylon has its roots in the book of beginnings, Genesis. It is one of the earliest societies of mankind. Its path continues through the centuries and is found in the Book of Revelation at the demise of mankind’s societies. 4,038 more words

Ancient Hidden Texts

Nimrod Part 34: United States Forces Iraq

If you go to the home page of the United States Forces in Iraq (Link:  http://www.usf-iraq.com/), you will see a curious logo that they use in the upper left corner, I have blown it up here so you can see it clearer: 281 more words


Who was Nimrod in the Bible?

Nimrod in the Bible was the son of Cush, the great-grandson of Noah through the line of Ham, Noah’s cursed son (Genesis 9:25), and Canaan. 698 more words


Why Lebron James is not the King

I used to be a basketball fan. I still enjoy it from time to time, though not nearly as when I was younger. You see, I grew up on Michael Jordan, back when Basketball was exciting. 669 more words


Going up? Space elevator could zoom astronauts into Earth's stratosphere

1. Pagan religion has its roots in Babel and Babylon via Nimrod. (According to Gen 10/11)

2. Those pagan roots have transitioned from one governmental organization to the next for thousands of years. 402 more words