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Will the spirit of Nimrod truly return?

I am sharing a study on certain words pertaining to the sons of God (i.e., fallen angels) who had taken wives of the daughters of men and the consequent introduction of their hybridized offspring into God’s creation.  1,317 more words

Wake Up!

The Third Holy Temple: Are you watching?

On this date, (26 Jul 2015), the Temple Institute has announced the completion of the architectural plans for the Third Holy Temple.

This, along with the completion of all artifact’s related to the Temple rites (including the Menorah and other important utensils), and the fact that they are actively raising the Red Heifer, used by the Messiah to consecrate the third Temple, should be heart-pounding news for every Christian in the world. 75 more words


UK’s Seedcorn MPA project renewed for a further three years

Flightglobal – The UK has renewed its Seedcorn maritime patrol project that sees it integrated with allied forces for another three years, maintaining the capability it lost with the cancelled BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 until a replacement is sought. 32 more words

Nimrod Hot Spring

Nimrod is really “cool” because it’s also right off the highway and there is a little cave underwater. I wasn’t too sure about going in there because it’s a cave underwater! 120 more words


My iPod #531: Green Day - Hitchin' a Ride

Green Day’s 1997 album Nimrod exhibited a change in the band’s musical direction. Differing vastly from the angst and rough punk rock sounds delivered two years prior on… 247 more words


Summer surveillance on board the Nimrod R1

This summer visitors to the RAF Museum Cosford, will have the exciting opportunity to climb on board the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R.1 XV249 and… More information


The Islamic Caliphate is Trying to Establish One World Government and Religion JUST LIKE NIMROD

The Islamic Caliphate is trying to establish a one world government and religion JUST LIKE NIMROD:  In Genesis 10 & 11 Nimrod built Babylon in the land of Shinar and Nineveh in Assyria and tried to create a one world religion and a one world government in that region of the world. 230 more words