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The 1951 Rolling Review Show ... # 106

The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 106

Welcome to the 1951 Rolling Review Show which twice weekly features pieces of music I have enjoyed at some time in my life. 56 more words

The 1951 Rolling Review Show

N is for Nimrod the Rebellious Indian and O is for Ordinaries or Taverns

N is for Nimrod, the Indian who made it into the Essex Court Records a few times. At first, he was like most of the other Native Americans from the area and hoped that the Puritans would help to defend his tribe against their more aggressive enemies.   1,234 more words


Mystery Babylon (Part 1)

Bible Prophecy In Chronology series (post #18)

In Revelation 14:8, we read about an angel who makes a predictive pronouncement in the opening days of the last half of the tribulation period. 2,878 more words


Favorite 5 Doorways Gates Portals

Reprint of August 13, 2015 ……. Doorways, Gates, And Portals

Scripture speaks of doorways, gates, and portals into other dimensions or worlds in several places. Isaiah saw gates open and giants come through. 860 more words


Ice Fishing

Seen above is a rare photo of Nimrod as he is about to try his hand at ice fishing.  He is perched on the famous… 44 more words

Don't even think about it, Hillary.

I saw this on Facebook and found it hilarious. It reminds me how I will never vote for her. To me, she’s a criminal nimrod who thinks she’s entitled to everything and above the law. Enjoy!


Dear Readers,

The second instalment of the project I’ve termed Babble as a working title. If you have title-suggestions – now or later – please let me know.