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Some call him Nimrod, or Apollo, or Apollyon, or Abaddon… the guy has a million names…

  • Osiris represents the Creator.
  • Isis is the virgin mother, Tammuz, (Queen of Heaven, Mother of God)
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Nimrod and Niobe

Nimrod as shown on a stained glass window of Église Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune of Strasbourg, Copyright Ralph Hammann

Nimrod was a renowned hunter in the Bible, one of Noach’s grandsons, and the founder of Babylon. 398 more words

Divine Comedy

Magneto VS Nimrods (Second Coming)

Magneto can still throw down even if he’s already half dead.

From – X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #236



Enoch Powell (1912–1998), was a highly gifted and forward-looking UK politician who became infamous (highly criticized and vilified) for his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech on 20 April 1968, that criticized Commonwealth immigration, as well as proposed anti-discrimination legislation in the United Kingdom. 1,882 more words


Legion VS Nimrods (Second Coming)

This highlights how desperate the X-Men became when Cyclops had to resort to activating Legion, Professor X’s schizophrenic Omega-level mutant son.

From – New Mutants Vol. 3 #14