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On the Trail of the Seed of Eve

Reading the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) as narrative is not just spiritually rewarding but a lot more fun. What I mean by this is to read the text as one would read a novel, experiencing the drama by identifying and connecting broader themes as well as minor ones. 1,031 more words


Historic Aircraft Collection "At Home Day" 7th April 2018

The traditional winter “off” season has historically been a dark, quiet few months for the aviation enthusiast, with aircraft put to bed for winter and very few events appearing on the calendar. 593 more words


Timing is Everything...for Warmongering SOB's

You know how it is…you head out to do a little shopping before assholes decide to start WWIII, just in case the gods above or below, or fate (take your pick) decide that you will be one of the few to survive hell unleashed on earth.  1,166 more words


Origin Of Easter

The origin of Easter is actually based on an ancient pagan celebration. Christians recognize this day as commemorating Jesus’ resurrection, but like so many other “Christian” holidays, Easter has become commercialized and mixed with non-Christian traditions like the Easter Bunny, Easter parades and hunting for Easter eggs. 333 more words

Bible Study

HMSVIP#3, Friday 13 April @ The Gollan Hotel - Drum and Bass Special!

Our third session kicks off on Friday 13 April, and our residents are cutting their junglist teeth as we speak. We have extra subs ready in place to give you that real and authentic drum and bass experience. 205 more words

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