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Oduduwa Vs Obatala & a smallpox festival

The Yoruba world has witnessed how one man stood out from the rot in Yoruba leadership to first win one state from the grip of the incumbent political party , then spread his influence over all the Yoruba states, and finally  with a victorious roar managed to  transform  leadership in every Yoruba town. 566 more words

Defence review: Cameron to announce new UK reconnaissance planes

Guardian – Aircraft will plug gap widely seen as existing in British military security after 2010 SDSR scrapped RAF Nimrods

Lockheed Pitches C-130 To UK As Alternative to P-8

Defense News – As the UK considers how to fill its maritime surveillance gap, Lockheed Martin is pitching a modified version of its C-130 multi-mission aircraft as a cheap alternative to Boeing’s costly P-8 Poseidon.

The [Unholy] Zeitgeist

Poythress, in his article on Territorial Spirits, proposes that such activity in the unseen realm has a direct impact and influence on our lives. Subsequently, this impact is realized in specific idolatries that follows social, urban, and geographically lines and pathways. 1,612 more words


Territorial Spirits

Michael, who fights against the dragon in Revelation 12, is loyal to God, who, being sovereign, obviously does not need Michael to fight the dragon, but this is the way God chooses to do things. 1,402 more words


The Spirit of Antichrist

In time Israel slipped into worshipping the gods and idols of the surrounding nations. The prophet Ezekiel 8:14-17 (NIV) reveals the ‘abomination’ of ‘women weeping for Tammuz’, and then sees a fourth vision of the inner court of the Temple: “…about twenty-five men. 608 more words