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Mens Mixed Box Tommy Bahama, Montecristo, Nimrod, Shumate Razor, Watches, Nissen

Mens Mixed Box Tommy Bahama, Montecristo, Nimrod, Shumate Razor, Watches, Nissen
Mens Golf Box 2 Tommy Bahama Leather Wrapped Flask And Stainless Steel Vintage Nimrod Pipelighter Works No Fuel ThoughArabia Demitasse Cup Fine China And Gold Plate Made In FinlandShumate’s Barber Straight Razor. 81 more words


Lilith, Asmodeus and Nimrod On Mount Moriah

Lilith, Asmodeus and Nimrod On Mount Moriah

The Ancient Babylonian vampiress Lilith was standing atop Mount Moriah (known to Jews as the Temple Mount and known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif) alongside the demon Asmodeus and a little green frog called Nimrod (in his mortal life he had been ruler of the city of Babel and builder of the Tower of Babel but as a result of a vampiric kiss of life administered by Lilith gone awry due to a lack of vermouth, he had been brought back from the dead all right but his genetic make-up had changed and he had been turned into a frog as a result). 94 more words

Vampire Novel


Watching Dunkirk, I spotted the references to Elgar’s Nimrod fairly early, and found myself thinking about the piece and my associations with it.

On arriving home, a quick google established that it’s one of… 498 more words


Genesis 9 Part 2 - Noah's drunkenness & His Son's Legacies. Genesis 10 - Lineage

In an odd event that results in even odder results, Noah is found drunk and naked in his tent by his son Ham, who goes and informs his older brothers. 305 more words


Genesis – Part 2c: Justice and Mercy – Babel

At first glance the story of the Tower of Babel can seem like a petty act of jealously on the part of God but when we look at it in more detail we can see how it perfect demonstrates a just and merciful creator. 330 more words


The All and the authoress

“I was one of two zygotes created in vitro. I was the dominant one. I consumed my twin brother absorbing his DNA, his traits and his life. 760 more words


“Nolan’s vision is rich in both feel and flow. A most visceral and enthralling effort…”

Wayward Wolf.

Hans Zimmer has a film soundtrack CV as long as your arm. 512 more words