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Gray Day, Open Reading

This morning I was particularly sad. I’m taking a break in communicating or spending time with someone, which is something I need to do while I figure out what I want or what to do. 857 more words


The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands

Thriving Through Challenge

It has been a demanding week. A new project that seems to require too much work in too short amount of time, trying to find a new place to live with two weeks left to go (on paper anyway), the usual bustle of living with four small children, two of who are pre-school and autistic, and beginning a winter-term course on parenting such children and, of course, anxiously awaiting payday because it is January, after all. 296 more words


Evening Read: 4 Jan 2016

Position One: What did I excel at or learn today?

King of Cups

I’m still in pain, but I think I have handled the situation well. 226 more words


The Number Nine in Astrology & Tarot

Happy New Year everyone! The year 2016 is here! I’ve been contemplating the numerology for this year for me personally, but I’d like to share some of the general numerology symbolism of the year 2016, which adds up to the number nine, and what it symbolizes or represents in astrology and tarot. 561 more words


Ninth Day of Epiphany: A Pause in the Struggle

Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques is not always so easy to shuffle. These are big cards. So perhaps it’s not surprising that a couple of cards got away from me and jumped out of the deck onto the floor: the Nine of Wands (A Pause in the Struggle) and the Sun reversed (Life’s Joyful Admiration). 275 more words

Starting 2016 with Strength, courage, and home: my New Year tarot reading

There’s something about big turning points in your life that make you want to break out the big tarot spreads. Whether they have five cards or seven or nine, bigger, more specialized spreads seem to have more gravity or meaning. 820 more words


Evening Read: 17 Dec 2015

Both cards today are ones that I don’t have super positive associations with, so this reading will be a good challenge and learning experience!

I know the Chariot has a generally positive meaning, but “control” and “willpower” are just keywords that make me feel icky at first glance. 236 more words