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Day Nineteen

Author’s note: Apologies for the delay. Something came up and I was unable to complete my 1667 words yesterday. Not to worry though – I had built up a buffer of roughly a day’s worth of words for this very eventuality, so in terms of word count I am still on track to finish the book by the end of the month! 1,814 more words

When Old Technologies Were New: Thinking About Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century

When Old Technologies Were New: Thinking About Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century

In the history of electronic communication, the last quarter of the nineteenth century holds a special place, for it was during this period that the telephone, phonograph, electric light,…

mid 1800's naturalist's engravings

I was able to find a treasure trove of mid 19th century engravings, beautiful work and many of the original sketches and studies must have been done under the harshest of conditions – although I’ve read that often these were done by people back in Blighty or Europe from written descriptions only!! 124 more words

Top 19th Century Lit ePortfolios ACU 2016

There were some truly outstanding ePortfolios in this group of ACU students celebrating their experience and insight into the work of Romantic poets and the fiction of Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Tolstoy among others. 86 more words

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Best Blogs from OZ LIT 2016

Hi All, I have a fabulous bag full of wonderful OZ LIT ePortfolios for you to enjoy. These are the very best of the bunch; all earned a High Distinction for their efforts. 98 more words

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Tolstoy's Short Fiction

What a wonderful treat we have had to finish off our Nineteenth Century Literature with these two masterworks, “The Death of Ivan Illych” and “Master and Man”. 667 more words

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David Malouf- Fly Away Peter

This is such a wonderful novel to teach because it deals with such simple matters so deeply and movingly. The scene at the end of the novel where Imogen Harcourt is grieving over Jim Saddler would have to be one of the most amazing moments in Australian literature: 485 more words

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