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Best Nineteenth Century Literature ePortfolio/ Blogs

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the top four ePortfolios were produced by the following students. Click on their name to see their amazing contributions to the topic of how the literature of the Nineteenth Century (Romanticism and Victorianism) still contributes to our lives in the 21st Century. 190 more words

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The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde

David Suchet in the role of Lady Bracknell brings Oscar Wilde’s satire of the British upper classes into a powerful focus. She is so much of the  164 more words

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The Benefits of Blogging in University Education.

Just thought I would share with you what has underpinned my passion for Blogging with my students for decades!

PDF version: Blogging Poster

JPG Version:

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Awakening the Sacred

Don’t miss out on this amazing conference coming to Sydney on July 7/ 8. This is the fifth in the series of conferences that bring Literature and the Arts together with a focus on the Sacred. 653 more words

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Tolstoy: The Death of Ivan Illych & Master and Man

Tolstoy brings us to one of the high points of 19th Century Literature. He explores with such uncompromising depth, issues of profound human concern. What we have explored in Austen, Dickens, George Eliot, Matthew Arnold and others here comes into focus with a white heat. 235 more words

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Silas Marner - George Eliot

This is one of those amazing books that you cannot put down until you reach the end. And why? Because it deals so deeply, persuasively with the essence of what it is to be human: to have a deep abiding need for wholeness, for inner certainty, no matter what the deflections on this path. 274 more words

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Challenges to Utilitarian Education: Arnold & Newman...

This week we explored the ways in which writers and artists in the Victorian Age tried to undermine the prevailing utilitarian views on education. We have seen this presented very strongly in Charles Dickens’  328 more words

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