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Queen Victoria's Railway Carriage and Charles Dickens' Challenge!

This is where Queen Victoria sat in her carriage- a gold plated dunny,  with decor matching the carriage as a whole:

It is no wonder that Dickens and artists concerned with the “Condition of England” were disturbed at the discrepancy between such opulence and the conditions that 9/10ths of the English population had to endure during this period. 336 more words


Heathcliffe: Daemon or Demon - Withering Frights

Daemon = a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans.

Demon = an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. 1,133 more words


The Art Gallery of NSW with Nineteenth Century Literature Students.

What a blast to be given the opportunity to try to link literary themes to artistic expression in the visual arts!. I think I learnt as much as the students! 617 more words


Pan daemon ium Week 2- the Power of Impressions.

The Romantics were searching deeply for the inner spirit, in themselves, in those around them, in the natural world… As William Blake put it so succinctly… 604 more words


Sunday Morning Walk to Cobah Point (Hawkesbury River)

This morning’s walk began at dawn over Kuring-gai Chase

On the track to Cobah Point- early morning mist; while the temperature is already in the low 20s there is a definite sense of autumn in the air with all this mist, and – as you will see- with all the early morning spiders: 571 more words


Nineteenth Century (Romanticism and Victorianism) Week 1

William Blake’s “The Garden of Love” and William Wordsworth’s two poems “Expostulation and Reply” and “The Tables Turned” provided a real gateway into some of the central insights of the Romantic Movement: their disaffection with mere book learning, with conventional morality and their belief in the power of nature and the resources of childhood to vanquish the problems of modern civilisation. 422 more words


Autumn Semester 2015

Hi All, I am looking forward very much to working with you in all of the following units: Nineteenth Century Literature (ENGL200); Shakespeare & The Renaissance (ENGL210); Introduction to Literature (Clemente- Mission Australia Students, ENGL104); Learning in the Community (HUMA247)and (ARTS232). 388 more words