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Dear One Percent

Roll a die and take a chance
At leaving Earth behind for
An adventurous voyage to
A nameless planet. Accept
Your very low intelligence,
And challenge yourself for… 80 more words


Ninety-Nine Percent

…though his eyes were open he could see nothing.  Acts: 9:1-9  I recently saw a competition for kids ages 10-13, who like to cook. One of their challenges was to identify foods by taste while blindfolded. 163 more words


In Defense of the One Percent

The one percent: the segment of our global society that is often blamed for the economic disparity both in the United States and throughout the world. 1,249 more words

National News


daisy chain escape
hatch ten rungs up bank totem
hallowed are the hymns



windshield wipers clean
maggots out through eye sockets
shades of moving whites


Poliidiots of the Month: Bank of America

For Racial discriminatory hiring and work practices.   This joins the list of why to hate big banks.  This is another reason why job creators cannot be trusted.  21 more words

Poliidiots Of The Month Feature

Obama's Evil Empire

A thrilling scene took place recently with the United States Senate, playing host as its backdrop. Reichsmarchall Brennan Barack Obama’s kill-list aficionado, had to overcome a Mr. 993 more words

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