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The Longtan Village in Ninghai

The Longtan Village in Ninghai is surrounded by mountains and has picturesque scenery. Alone, in the stone house with wind blowing through four sides into the house lives an old lady with last name Chu. 73 more words

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3 May 2016 Fanfares

I somehow managed to miss last week’s Fanfares :/ anyhow, most fares are in the Fanfares by Region page except JFK.

A Traditional Way of Brewing Spirits

In the Longgong Village, Ninghai county lives more than 600 families, only ten of which still have the tradition to brew spirits* with sweet potatoes. In spring, two big kitchen ranges were set up out of the old ancestral hall. 172 more words

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Hanjin starts China-US service, linking Shanghai to Long Beach


SEOUL, Apr 22 (GCTL18) – South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping has launched a new express service on its Asia-US trades, branded China America Express Service (CAX) that links Shanghai to Long Beach. 74 more words


A little about Ningbo...

So when we first chose Ningbo we thought oh this is a small city which is coastal ect..

SURPRISE!!!!! Ningbo is HUGE with a population of 8 Million and rising!!!!! 147 more words

An Overview of Figures in the Village

With a long history of thousands of years, the Fangjiahetou Village is still full of characteristics in the most natural way. Wandering in the old village, I see it as a huge stage with the villagers as actors and actresses. 89 more words

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The Fangjiahetou Village: Old Houses with Wisteria

The Fangjiahetou village is one of my favorite ones. Due to its long history and simple, honorable folk custom, a voice is always echoing in my mind wanting me to pay a visit there. 325 more words

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