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Flying Solo

Well, yesterday morning the teacher I’ve been shadowing for the last three weeks bordered a plane to fly to southern China where he would start a new job. 363 more words


Let's start from the very beginning...

… a very good place to start.
Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea to title my first blog after something from The Sound Of Music. 608 more words


All moved in

So I’ve spent exactly 2 weeks in China. So much has happened that it would take me pages and pages to write about everything and I’m pretty lazy. 413 more words


Adventures along the Fenghua River

This summer in Ningbo, it has been either unbearably hot or rainy. Because of this, we have done only a limited amount of wandering around/exploring vs. 829 more words


Ningbo, China cuisine!

Pork wrapped in tofu (?) in pork soup. If I could only eat one meal a day, I would eat this every day.


Qita Zen Buddhist Temple in the Middle of Ningbo!

The Zheijang province of China has a long history of being a place where Zen Buddhism developed and took root. Along with many Zen Buddhist temples in the mountains surrounding Ningbo, there is a Zen Buddhist temple right smack in the middle of Ningbo. 782 more words


Sun Lake Park- An Escape in the City

Parks in China are different than parks in the United States, mostly because they serve different purposes. While American parks are used primarily by families and children, it seems that Chinese parks are used mostly by the senior citizens who play mah jong, exercise, or shoot the breeze all day. 537 more words