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#tbt the china year abroad.. i put some videos together (09/2016)

The title says it all. I put this together quickly and wanted to put it on my blog to share with you guys but also to keep it somewhere so I could watch it anytime if I so wished to! 82 more words

China; The Second Half

University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China - 1st Impressions

Two weeks I got on a plane from Sydney to a country where I couldn’t speak a word of the local tongue and didn’t know a single soul living here. 736 more words


Entry 584: Upper Births

My wife Barbara would really like to start having grandchildren.

One of our friends had a grandchild recently and was proudly passing the poor kid around to all the other women in the room, and Barbara was like, “I want one of those.” 796 more words


Hello Ningbo

It’s been 2 days since I’ve arrived at the UNNC campus and so far it’s been going really well! Fingers crossed it stays this way. 489 more words


3 Cities: 宁波、南京、苏州 China 2016

宁波 Ningbo :范钦的天一阁图书馆

Fan Qian’s private library Tianyige is the oldest private library in China. He founded it in 1560. It was a breathtaking tour for me. 860 more words


Nostalgia: Opening Ceremony Today

Our second exhibition, Nostalgia, is open to public toady. After two weeks of decoration, we finally finished arranging everything. I really appreciate the effort of Ningbo Cultural Plaza for helping us. 432 more words

Beautiful World

Nostalgia: A Farmer Photographer

Wu used to be a farmer in suburban Yuyao, where he owned a hardware store for ten years. Several years ago, a local shopping mall held a photography competition. 357 more words

Beautiful World