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3 Cities: 宁波、南京、苏州 China 2016

宁波 Ningbo :范钦的天一阁图书馆

Fan Qian’s private library Tianyige is the oldest private library in China. He founded it in 1560. It was a breathtaking tour for me. 860 more words


Nostalgia: Opening Ceremony Today

Our second exhibition, Nostalgia, is open to public toady. After two weeks of decoration, we finally finished arranging everything. I really appreciate the effort of Ningbo Cultural Plaza for helping us. 432 more words

Beautiful World

Nostalgia: A Farmer Photographer

Wu used to be a farmer in suburban Yuyao, where he owned a hardware store for ten years. Several years ago, a local shopping mall held a photography competition. 357 more words

Beautiful World

Nostalgia: A Cattleman from a Wealthy Family

Alone, this 93-year-old man Zheng lives in the west side-room, the only remaining part of his ancestral home called “The Yifeng Doorway.” Previous generations of the Zheng family owned numerous Yifeng Grain Stores in Cixi and Yuyao, thus considered one of the local business tycoons able to construct a grandiose mansion. 198 more words


I LOVE My Students!

This is Len. I fell so head-over-heels in love with EVERY ONE of my students. Teaching is WHO. I. AM.

I’ll post some of the notes they wrote me so you can see that they love me, too. 41 more words

"If you think you've seen it all, you haven't been to China"

I once thought moving to Edinburgh from Sandefjord, a tiny town in Norway would be a big transition – and it was! But now I am approaching a new go-abroad experience and I am still struggling to wrap my head around the idea that this time I’ll be spending it in the most populous country in the world. 409 more words


Guy Spends 3 Days Making A Lego Sculpture Only To Have It Destroyed 1 Hour After Displaying it.

Boy knocks over $15K LEGO statue 1 hour after unveiling https://t.co/76ICBEKetU pic.twitter.com/DZ8gOpggbB

— WGN TV News (@WGNNews) June 1, 2016

NINGBO, China — A Chinese artist spent three days and roughly $15,000 crafting a LEGO statue, only to have it knocked down within an hour of its public display.

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