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[Coming Soon] Beloved Enemy (Web Drama)

Right on elite businessman Gu Qing Pei (Shang Bai)’s first day of work at his new workplace, the chairman throws his vigorous and arrogant son Yuan Yang (Gao Ming) at him. 176 more words


닝보 (Ningbo)항을 통한 목재 수입은 증가

닝보 (Ningbo) 출입 검사, 검역국에 따르면 2017년 상반기에 닝보항에 수입된 원목과 제재목의 수입량은 전년 대비 42% 상승하여 510,000 m3, 수입액은 45% 증가하여 US$197 million으로 새로운 최고 기록을 달성하였습니다. 21 more words


China- Second Impressions

Looking back at my first impressions post on China, when we first arrived in Ningbo over two years ago, I mostly had good things to say! 1,954 more words


Sick, Dazed, and Confused in China

I was paid my last salary in cash, after a recurrent illness that took me to ER in a few occasions. The last time I got sick I still went to work, then my stomach was in so much pain I started crying and screaming. 1,007 more words

End of Exchange|交换结束啦

Time Period: April – May

Semester 2 at UNNC has gone by super quickly. This semester has felt super short and I can’t believe it’s over already (probably because we didn’t have much of a study break this semester). 320 more words


Congestion portuaire en Chine

Source : OOCL

Outre les récents signalements de congestion au port de Yangshan, à Shanghai, les principaux ports de la Chine, dont les ports de Qingdao et de Ningbo, subissent actuellement également des problèmes de congestion et de forte densité. 76 more words


[Upcoming] Operation One-sided Love (Web Drama)

When Xiao Bai Cheng (Liu Mei Han) almost falls down the stairs, her senior Shi Jing (Li He) catches her. She immediately falls for him and makes pursuing him her goal during her university time. 125 more words