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Where Essentials of Living Began

I’m going to be honest. I was seriously tired of hearing people talk about essential oils. I did not want to hear anymore.

See, I’ve been using herbs and essential oils for about 15 or 16 years. 1,092 more words



Have you tried Ningxia Red? (AKA Ninja Juice??)

This stuff is great and a must have in this house! It is great in smoothies, and the pouches are great when you are on the go! 246 more words

Healthy Living

Sunday Planning & Prep

Hello everyone! Is anyone doing any prepping/planning for the week? Lack of planning is my downfall. I always tell myself I’m going to make a menu for the week & meal prep but I never get around to it. 158 more words

Why Young Living

Have you ever wanted to truly own your time—and your life? What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to wonder how you were going to pay the bills? 257 more words

Ningxia Red

God made every one in their own uniqueness way


The utilization of money as a tool Can make a real difference in your life I enjoy being my own CEO , it helps me build connections, socializing, interacting , communicating relationships with many individuals around the Globe using social media marketing strategy s and social networking sites. 6 more words

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red

Have you heard of Ningxia Red? Oh my, so much goodness!

Ningxia Red is a wellness drink from Young Living. It combines the wolfberry with essential oils and fruit juices to make an amazing, tangy drink full of antioxidants. 186 more words

All about wolf berries (goji berries), Ningxia red and more!

All about wolf berries (goji berries), Ningxia red and more!

Young Living’s Organic Dried Wolfberries are a sweet, organic snack from nature that’s easy to make a part of your daily diet. 662 more words