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Have You Tried Ocotea Essential Oil?

Young Living distills this oil at the their farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador, from the leaves of the ocotea tree, and is a member of the cinnamon family. 208 more words

Adorable Idea for NingXia Red Shots

We love the fact that these little mason jar styled 2-ounce shot glasses come complete with lids. The reviews are fantastic and we’ve ordered some for our household. 45 more words

Young Living

Quitting Coffee With NingXia Nitro

I Quit My Coffee Addiction!!

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to make a change…

I wrote a letter to some friends declaring, “I need to stop my afternoon coffee reliance to get through my report writing. 510 more words

Ethan's EO Story

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in November 2011. For many years I had high blood pressure, but this diagnosis was really a surprise! At the beginning, I really took charge of my health. 567 more words

Young Living

Keeping Healthy - loving the liver

I believe you are what you eat.  As a car needs fuel, brake fluid etc to operate smoothly, so does your body need its source of fuel.  1,183 more words


Want Natural Energy? Yes, Please! No More Red Bull! 

Do you like Red Bull? Monster? 5-Hour energy? Like the “high” from these drinks? Do you need increased energy? Increased cognitive ability and focus? Want to have all that without the jitters and crash 2 hours later? 126 more words