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What a day. Heart attacks and (slight) mental breakdowns!

Once again, Ninja Dog escaped. I am half amazed and half annoyed. Bear says we should name her “Houdini” because of her escape acts – I don’t want to encourage it. 96 more words

Moosie reunites with her mom for the first time since nursing!

I tried to get a picture of them both, however, the lighting was too dark and they kept moving!

Alas, meet Truffle! This is Moosie’s momma!  83 more words

For the ninja-dog-blood-and-horror-movie-and-food lovers

First: I’M DONE… FINISH WITH MY RESEARCH PROJECT!!! It feels SO good to be done, but I must admit it was a great experience.

And second: I just found the funniest webpage ever! 162 more words

Does difficulty need to disappear entirely?

Obviously, the answer to the question posed in the title of this post is, “No, difficult games do not need to go the way of the dodo.” However, longtime players often lament the almost indisputable notion that games have, in fact, become easier over time. 268 more words